A Welcome Gift:

Bread, Salt and a Welcoming Scroll

Be More! Initiative™ #4:

Make someone feel welcome in their new home!



© by Love & Peace Project

Always include the Welcoming Scroll

The scroll explains the gift of bread and salt, and it lets you create a beautiful, lasting souvenir when you and your friends sign it.

© by Love & Peace Project

© by Love & Peace Project


Here is the Welcoming Scroll

Below is the Welcoming Scroll that you’ll want to print. If you want it to look like the sample scroll above, load your printer with parchment paper.

Just click on the image below choose “Print”. It’s that easy!

Sign the Welcoming Scroll with your name, and invite other friends or neighbors to sign too. Then roll it up and tie with a ribbon. If you wish, you can tie on a charm as well, and give it to the new neighbor, or a friend who has recently moved.


Click on the image and print this scroll to give with the Welcome Basket:

© by Love & Peace Project© by Love & Peace Project

Download and print the Welcoming Scroll >

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