The Bob Michel Love & Peace Trust

A trust fund to help people in need is planned for the future.


Every day you can read about someone’s emergency situation. A place nobody wants to be.

Most of the time, people will turn to family or friends for help, and that’s the first logical step. But sometimes, that option is not available.

There are people out there, who are desperate for advice and guidance. Or even just a warm meal, a few dollars for gas, a new crib for their infant, a bus ticket home. Whatever is needed, and can be done quickly to rescue someone from distress.

The idea is to have a trust, that can be used to help in a small way and immediately, where there are no other resources.

The trust may help with

• providing for professional counseling

• food vouchers

• new clothing, accessories

• advocacy

• locating conventional resources


To benefit from the trust, certain criteria must be met. A detailed explanation will follow, and is to be published here.

As soon as we collect revenue, the Love & Peace Project will set aside a portion of its profit to build on the Bob Michel Love & Peace Trust.




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