Gratitude from within our heart:


Thank You!
Susan with jar of beads
For the second year in a row, Susan donated beads to be used in the Neverending Necklace(TM). Thank you so much for your kindness, Susan!

Help from others is essential for each and every living person

…especially when walking on untrodden territory. Everybody needs friends and family to thrive. They show the way, they lend support.

Each human being builds on knowledge from those people who have lived before us. Shared discoveries, skill, motivation and nurturing make our dreams possible. They are the tools that let us advance to a better, gentler society.


Support from Day One

Since 1998, countless individuals AND businesses have helped the Love & Peace Project™ follow its dream.

There is much gratitude for those who so generously donated beads to be used in the Neverending Necklace™. Others have provided space to exhibit the world’s longest necklace. They are a crucial, most appreciated part of the Love & Peace Project™ and its future museum forever.

See the complete list of people who have contributed:

Friends of the Love & Peace Project™ >


Wonderful Sponsors
The Owner of the Lakeside Anchor Inn in Lantana has been a very generous supporter of the Love & Peace Society(TM). Thank you very much, Robbie and staff!

It takes a village…

We won’t lie about it: getting enough support to build the Love, Peace & Beads Museum™ is quite a challenge. It takes commitment, man power and capital to create a monument for love and peace.

That’s why we also pursue paid advertisement from relevant businesses and sponsorship from corporate entities. And we happily accept donated items for the future museum. More about that another time.

Thank You, Lantana! >


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