It’s Super and Simulated. Because you can get the stone look-a-likes from us with less weight, and for less money.

They are the best imitation of precious and semi precious gemstones you can find. In fact, you would ordinarily expect to buy them for $150 a piece, but our price is a lot less. All necklaces are made with the best quality acrylic beads or glass based pearls ever made.


SuperSim™ Fluorite SuperSim™ Turquoise SuperSim™ Extra Large Pearls SuperSim™ Black Pearls
SuperSim™ Dark Mode Pink Champagne Pearls SuperSim™  Quartz Craquele SuperSim™ Cinnabar String SuperSim™ Lavender Pearls
SuperSim™ Carved Red Coral SuperSim™ Blue Chalcedony SuperSim™  Ivory String SuperSim™  Amethyst

Ours are better

The beads we use are vintage, top-notch quality. But their supply is limited. You can buy them at Mercari, as long as we have enough of these beads left. Once they’re gone – the door closes for this amazingly beautiful line of jewelry forever.


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