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  The Bob Michel Love & Peace Trust  
  The Love & Peace Heart Chamber™ *
  Enter Your ‘Be More!’ Activities Here  
  Choose from currently available ‘Be More!’ Activities  
  #1 Your Entry for Jeffro’s Kids Funnel  
  #2 Your Entry for Joyce’s Traveling Bowls  
  #3 Your Entry for Norma’s Valentine Project  
  #4 Your Entry for Barbara’s Welcome Baskets  
  #5 Your Entry for Sergio’s Lent Exchange  
  #6 Your Entry for Betsy’s Crazy Hat Strut *  
  #7 Your Entry for Geri’s Animal Therapy *  
  #8 Your Entry for John’s Home, Sweet Home *  
  #9 Your Entry for Micah’s Challenge  
  #10 Your Entry for Sheri’s Friendship Flowers *  
  #11 Your Entry for Bob’s Best Yard Contest *  
  #12 Your Entry for Paul’s Diogenes Assignment  
  #13 Your Entry for Marcella’s Fuzzy Friends *  
  #14 Your Entry for Blake’s Comforting Loveys *  
  #15 Your Entry for Hebron’s Resource Mentors *  
  #16 Your Entry for Debbie’s Find-a-Heart Contest *  
  #17 Your Entry for Meric’s Wellness by Nature *  
  #18 Your Entry for Nina’s Shared Adventures *  
  #19 Your Entry for Mary’s Pleasant Playtime  
  #20 Your Entry for Lois’ Stuffed Purses  
  #21 Your Entry for Michele’s Thoughtful Handouts *  
  #22 Your Entry for Jen & Jeff’s Snail Mail Treat *  
  #23 Your Entry for Rachel’s Countdown Calendar  
  #24 Your Entry for Donna’s Serenades *  
  * under construction and coming soon.
  The Story of the ‘Be More!’ Initiatives  
  About the ‘Be More!’ Initiatives™  
  #1 Jeffro’s Kids Funnel  
  #2 Joyce’s Traveling Bowls  
  Keep track of the bowls: The Log  
  #3 Norma’s Valentine Project  
  #4 Barbara’s Welcome Baskets
  #5 Sergio’s Lent Exchange  
#6 Betsy’s Crazy Hat Strut *
#7 Geri’s Animal Therapy *
#8 John’s Home, Sweet Home *
  #9 Micah’s Challenge
#10 Sheri’s Friendship Flowers *
#11 Bob’s Best Yard Contest *
#12 Paul’s Diogenes Assignment
#13 Marcella’s Fuzzy Friends *
#14 Blake’s Comforting Loveys *
#15 Hebron’s Resource Mentors *
#16 Debbie’s Find-a-Heart Contest *
#17 Meric’s Wellness by Nature *
#18 Nina’s Shared Adventures *
#19 Mary’s Pleasant Playtime
#20 Lois’ Stuffed Purses
#21 Michele’s Thoughtful Handouts *
#22 Jen & Jeff’s Snail Mail Treat *
#23 Rachel’s Countdown Calendar
#24 Donna’s Serenades *
* under construction and coming soon.
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Heart & Dove Awards  
About the Heart and Dove Awards™  
Submit your entry for the 4th Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2021  
Gallery of Kindness: View ALL entries for each year  
  Friends of the Love & Peace Project  
  Love Yourself  
  It’s More Important than You May Think!  
  PEACE, at last? Section Guide + Quotes  
  Take a Tour of the Love, Peace and Beads Museum™
  Masters of Wisdom and Peace™  
  Celebrating Humans  *  
  The Love & Peace Project’s Peace Train  *  
  Facebook page: The Love, Peace & Beads Museum
  * under construction and coming soon.
  The Museum Building Activities  
  Help Build the Museum!  
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  The Museum Installations  
  All Museum Installations at a Glance  
  The Love & Peace Zen Garden™  
  The Love & Peace Flag Planet™  
  The Love & Peace Kindness Village™  
  The Love & Peace Starry Sky™  
  The Love & Peace Chain of Prayers™  
  The Love & Peace Family Tree™  
  The Love & Peace Neverending Necklace™  
  The Love & Peace Book of Wisdom™  
  The Love & Peace Forgiveness Forest™  
  The Love & Peace Heritage Vineyard™  
  The Love & Peace Wall of Thanks™  
  The Love & Peace Friendship Tree™  
  Download and Print Your FREE Certificates  
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  The Love & Peace Hall of Fame  
The Hall of Fame
  The Love & Peace Journal™  
A Log Book for All Museum Building Activities
  Why Beads?  
  They are Connecting Societies…  
  The Neverending Necklace  
  See the entire Neverending Necklace *  
  * under construction and coming soon.  
  Bead Hall *  
  Before Common Era *  
  Common Era, before 1900 *  
  Modern Times *  
  World Cultures *  
  Non-Jewelry Use *  
  A Sampler of Tools and Findings *  
  The Beadles  
* under construction and coming soon.



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