Rich Soil – Golden Harvest

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Dedicate a bunch of grapes to your children and grandkids. Grapes are some of the most beneficial fruit of all, not just for wine lovers everywhere, but also for their nutritional value and historic medicinal use.

The first grapes can be harvested!

It’s about our children and their kids

Read it again: “Rich Soil = Golden Harvest”!

The effort you put into any young person’s life, will benefit them greatly. And ultimately, society as a whole.

As a parent (or someone who is involved in the upbringing and care of children in any way), you understand the responsibility towards those kids.

You should recognize the importance of the “rich soil” and be delighted when remembering this!

Reap what you sow

Young people depend on you to pass along your knowledge and wisdom. Once you realize that all your parenting has made a significant difference, it becomes the greatest reward of all time.

Your kids will have turned into wonderful adults with the right set of ethics in place, regardless of the common ripples and bumps in their paths.

Even if you don’t have children yourself – be everybody’s parent! Because when you’re handling yourself in a positive manner, you’re gifting other people’s kids with grace and kindness. You are contributing positive values to our society – even if you may not be aware of it

Come and join us for our next events and dedicate your grapes:

All social meetings are free to attend – just pay for your food and beverage… Be there, when we chat and network over a cup of coffee, lunch, or a glass of wine. Your choice. More about the Love & Peace Society >


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