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Friends are Treasures Forever

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December is the month to reflect on the year

Usually, people talk about the catastrophic events that had happened during the past eleven months. For instance: which natural disaster took place, who got divorced, who had died, which parts of the world are still at war, et cetera.

Positive, enjoyable occurrences tend to be secondary in these reflections. Could it be, because they got less media coverage and aren’t sensational enough?

Thank Your Besties

Regardless – we should include all the good stuff in our overview, explicitly and deliberately. Let’s be grateful for everything we had this year.

And let’s remember that there are friends who stood by us through thick and thin.

Friends are more than the sprinkles on your ice cream cone. They are essential to your well-being through their support and actions, whether insignificant or life saving. They listen to us when we need someone with an open ear. They embrace us when we need a hug, they give advice when we’re at a loss for direction.

Show how much you value their friendship and make it official: dedicate ornaments to your friends!

It’s easy and FREE. Read on:

Deck the tree – help create a stunningly beautiful masterpiece!

If everybody places ornaments on the Friendship Tree, it will become a symbol that can’t be ignored. Just imagine this token of appreciation and love for your friends, and how it will make them understand that they really mean that much to you.

It’s exactly this recognition that will matter to them.

You will earn 50 KR points when you participate in this activity.

Friendship is precious – but it needs to be groomed

People come and go, but your friends remain in your heart through time and over distance. You may not always stay in touch with those who moved on, however your heart remembers them.

Make sure your friends know how you feel, that you have not forgotten them.



About the title image:

Nothing is more inviting for a friendly conversation than a bench. Friends have found each other on benches, they have laughed or cried together, and they sit side-by-side to reminisce or simply enjoy the outdoors… Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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