All pendants come with silver plate spring rings, included in measurements.


Wild Mustang

#SAA 011 001 silver plate, size 35×58 mm


Trachten Heart

#SAA 011 002 silver plate, crystal, size 35×35 mm


Sugar Skull

#SAA 011 003 silver plate, size 48×74 mm


Fish Bones

#SAA 011 004 silver plate, size 13×45 mm


Wise Owl

#SAA 011 005 silver plate, size 14×50 mm


Police Badge

#SAA 011 006 silver plate, enamel, rhinestone, size 21×38 mm


Mermaid’s Tail

#SAA 011 007 pink acrylic, size 31×53 mm


Modern Hamsa

#SAA 011 008 silver plate, size 19×39 mm


Star Bola

#SAA 011 009 silver plate, opens up, size 28×47 mm


Horse Shoe

#SAA 011 010 silver plate, size 27×40 mm


Horse Medallion

#SAA 011 011 silver plate, size 25×37 mm


Four Seasons

#SAA 011 012 silver plate, size 25×39 mm


Ganesha Elephant

#SAA 011 013 silver plate, size 37×56 mm


Clover Leaf

#SAA 011 014 silver plate, size 26×39 mm


Sacral Chakra

#SAA 011 015 silver plate, size 20×34 mm


Buddhist “Om”

#SAA 011 016 silver plate, size 26×40 mm



#SAA 011 017 silver plate, size 19×52 mm


Winged Angel Caller

#SAA 011 018 antique brass, size 28×36 mm


Basket Bola

#SAA 011 019 antique silver plate, size 24×46 mm


Blue Crystal Heart

#SAA 011 020 silver plate, crystal, size 14×24 mm


Cinnabar Pendant

#SAA 011 021 acrylic beads, size 30×60 mm


Diamond Bola

#SAA 011 022 silver plate, size 28×36 mm


Woman’s Face

#SAA 011 023 silver plate, size 24×46 mm


Locket Cross

#SAA 011 024 silver plate, size 32×46 mm


Locket Heart

#SAA 011 025 pink gold plate, rhinestones, size 28×42 mm


Rectangular Locket

#SAA 011 026 pink gold plate, size 24×48 mm


Origami Unicorn

#SAA 011 027 gold plate, size 22×38 mm


Oval Locket

#SAA 011 028 silver plate, rhinestones, size 25×46 mm


Police Medallion

#SAA 011 029 antique silver plate, size 24×39 mm


Swivel Bola

#SAA 011 030 silver plate, size 26×46 mm




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“STRING ATTACK™” starter kits, bead strands and all other components by the Love & Peace Project are hand made with love in USA, using mostly imported parts from foreign countries, including Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, India, China, Italy and Austria.

We take great pride in each and every product, and we know that you will love the quality of our work. However, sometimes the best components don’t always perform as they should. Even manufacturers are humans. Should you have any reason not to be 100% satisfied with the functionality of your items, please talk to us first, so you get a prepaid shipping label. You may send it back and we’ll replace it or refund your purchasing price.

Allergy information: we select materials that are non-toxic and try to use recycled parts where possible. Some of these parts may contain trace elements of Cobalt and/or Nickel, as they may have been manufactured prior to stricter regulations. If you are sensitive to metal allergies, please do not wear jewelry for prolonged times, or keep metals from touching your skin directly.


Before we ship your items, we make sure that all parts are functioning properly. All of our merchandise is unworn, undamaged and in brand new condition.

But we understand that there may be other reasons for you to return or exchange your order. We will happily and cheerfully accept that. You just pay for shipping. Simply mail it within 30 days to the address below, and we’ll see to that your experience with us is a pleasant one.


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