The Mauna Kea Necklace



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Love & Peace Project


Oh, this is the exotic cousin of your standard pearl necklace!

It has a light tan, and it will illuminate your face in the warmest of lights. You get this necklace made to your most comfortable length of your choice: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ or 22″.

The Faux Pearls are glass base, made in the Czech Republic. They are a generous 12 mm in diameter, so they show off their beauty and enhance yours. The clasp is an easy to handle toggle clasp, and of course it bears our signature Love & Peace tag. Hand knotted with love in USA by the Love & Peace Project LLC.


Here is what we would like you to know:

“With this necklace, you get a fine sample of my 30+ years of experience as a professional pearl stringer.

The Mauna Kea is really my personal favorite, because it is lovely on any woman’s decollete. It should by all means become your very favorite piece, because it will surround you with a glow that’s just perfect for day or evening wear.”

You get your favorite length, and we are here for you when you need restringing. We’ll include instructions for care, so you can enjoy your new necklace for many years to come.
FREE and COVID compliant delivery inside of Palm Beach County. Outside of Palm Beach County Florida, the delivery cost is $8.20 with USPS Priority Mail. (Optional: you may send us a prepaid shipping label with any other carrier.)


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3,250 KR Points

(a $65 value)


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We are professional pearl stringers to the trade, and we are proud of our combined vast knowledge of pearls and beads:

• Restringing and knotting of pearls and beads

Restoration of vintage and antique piece and individual beads 
• Custom designs

Contract stringing/piece work

Group and private instruction

Special occasion beaded jewelry parties

We are available for trade work nationwide.
Love Love & Peace Project& Peace Project


More about Ingrid:

• Ingrid has serviced over three dozen local jewelers

• She has taught classes for over 30 years

• You may invite her for a program talk about pearls at your location

Please note: after you submit your order, we’ll contact you to make an appointment with us for delivery.


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