Cranial Restructuring Massage


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Lisa Hoffman


You get a 30 minute massage with Lisa, an experienced massage practitioner. Here is what she would like you to know:

“I do a few unique styles. I love the cranial restructuring to remove the torsion strain patterns we are born with. I do sports, deep tissue, trigger points, cranial sacral, biodynamics, Swedish, Reiki, passive joint manipulation.”

Lisa will work with you to identify your specific needs. You get a FREE 30 minute massage, valued at $75. Regular price is 100-250 per hour, on a sliding scale.


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Lisa Hoffman is a professional, and she can provide these services:

• Cellulite treatments with the honeybelle body buffer & facelift facials

Cold laser treatments as seen on and
• I also do Native american rattling & smudging clearings

Crystal healing

I offer sound healing with neural orbiting & frequencies that activate the dormant brain to increase wellness

I work on horses and dogs with lasers

I am a food stylist and chef as well

I work at multiple locations from Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Deerfield & my RV Mobil Salon


More about Lisa:

• took 3 ½ years of Barbara Brennan healing

• studied with Don McCann at Structural Energetic Therapy in Tampa

• Cranio Somatic Institute with Dr. Dallas Hancock and his wife, Flo Barber

Please note: after you submit your order, we’ll contact you to make an appointment with Lisa. If you can’t travel to Boca Raton, FL or south to Broward County, you pay actual travel cost for Lisa to come to your location.


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