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Our children are our future! Support our effort with your purchase of any of the items from the Love & Peace Project Gift Shop. Just click on any of the photos, and a whole world of beautiful items will open up for you.


Jeremiah Wepukhulu, Team Leader and Rotarian

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Angry Hippie Mask Holder $30 Leather Macrame Bakelite Necklace $220 Multi Strand Pearls on Leather $240 Graduated Natural Coral Necklace $198 Sterling Silver Chain with Abalone Center $110
New Haiti Challenge Card Game $25 Haiti Coat of Arms T-Shirt $19.95 Gia Yee: Reggae Prescription CD $16.95 Stick Pearl Necklace $110 African Shell Necklace $140
Renaissance Cologne $35.95 Haiti Renaissance T-Shirt $24.95 More GREEN For Haiti – Bracelet $25 LOVE Haiti T-Shirt $24.95 Haitian By Birth T-Shirt $24.95
Natural Faceted Aquamarine Necklace $450 Museum Quality Chinese Puzzle Ball Necklace $1,495 More GREEN For Haiti – Mask Holder $30 More GREEN For Haiti – Short Dangle Earrings $20 Dyed Jade Necklace with Vintage Crystal $204
Stick Abalone Shell with Kumihimo $295 Mala with Carved Wooden Bead $210 TravelBeads™ Butterscotch Amber  $45 TravelBeads™ Carved Coral  $45 TravelBeads™ Black Onyx  $45
Giving Children Hope for a Better Place Inside Their Community

• Education

• Health

• Nutrition

• Skills

• Responsibility

• Awareness

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SoleSocks – blue  $21.95 SoleSocks – pink  $21.95 SoleSocks – red  $21.95 SoleSocks – black   $21.95
TravelBeads™ Arizona Turquoise  $45 TravelBeads™ Citrine  $45 TravelBeads™ Spun Cinnabar  $45 TravelBeads™ Persian Turquoise  $45