‘Jalousie’ slum in Port-au-Prince Farmers in Haiti Panoramic view of the land

James Toussaint


New Haiti Fund

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Here are some facts about my New Haiti Fund, and what we do to help others:

Our organization aims to help people in Haiti on many levels. Infrastructure, education, farming equipment and job training are just some of the projects that we facilitate.

Another concern and of great urgency, is the need for adequate shelter. We are working with designers and financiers to bring affordable and sustainable housing to a segment of the population that has an immediate demand there.


Here are some facts about me:

1997 – James Toussaint invested in the first tractor to develop a project in Agriculture.

2001 – made seven trips to Haiti for the purposes of Research and Development.

2005 – New Haiti grows to host 1st annual Christmas party in Cite Soleil for more than 2,500 children.

2012 – James Toussaint recognizes the lack of job opportunities in Haiti. With his his background in business/job development; He goes to full-time Haiti opportunity advocate. With several projects breaking ground and on the books, James Toussaint, the New Haiti Team, Volunteers, Partners and Investors seem ready to make poverty history in Haiti. All is projected to happen inside of eight years.

The Citadelle Young James At Jean-Marie Guilloux School

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