guidance rocks

The Love & Peace Zen Garden

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Here are some of the items for this Signature Installation:

inspirational rocks
The humble beginnings of the Love & Peace Zen Garden. Photo (c) Ingrid Webster 
zen rocks
Some of the rocks from 2019. All photos on this page (c) by Ingrid Webster
zen rocks
Your guidance word painted on a rock for the “Zen Garden”
zen rocks, B side
Each rock has the date and the name of the person who entered that guidance word written on its back.
3 zen rocks
Each rock is painted with great care and love…
10 zen rocks
Each word is powerful on its own. It serves as an inspiration to somebody.


Start your year strong and hold onto it!

Do you want to help build the Love, Peace & Beads Museum?

Let us paint a rock in your name, and we’ll add it to the Zen Garden.

Choose a single word that serves as your guidance for the year.

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Get 50 KR points when you participate. LPS members get 100 points!

It’s a FREE activity, and you get 50 KR points towards free goodies. Do your resolutions still matter by December? You bet!

Make the coming year your best ever:

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About the title image:

guidance rocks

Showing some of the rocks for the Zen Garden. These are the first ones that were created when this Signature Activity started in 2017. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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