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Thanksgiving – a Holiday with Personal Meaning

Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, people in the USA observe Thanksgiving. Other parts of the world have similar holidays to reflect on gratitude, or to celebrate an abundant harvest from the soil.

While this day is mainly a family get-together, there are many personal incentives to say thanks.

Can you appreciate what you have?

There are countless reasons to be thankful during every day of your life!

That may include having trusted friends, close family members, excellent teachers, a wonderful boss, a new job, a profitable business, good employees.

Maybe you know others who are of service all year long: our soldiers abroad, doctors and nurses, police, firefighters and paramedics, people who quietly do their jobs for your community.

Or how about enjoying reasonably good health, a steady income, an insight or solution for a problem, or even the things you own… you get the idea.

Saying “Thank You” for all your blessings is a beautifully divine gesture

It’s not only good for your soul. It’s a positive emotion, and you know what that can do for your health.

Being able to be thankful with a full heart has benefits that reach far beyond one’s own well-being. You’ll set a shining example to those in your immediate environment, teaching them to be appreciative.

Sometimes it takes courage to express your gratitude. And it can be even more difficult to accept a “thank you” from someone else. Do it gracefully – it shows that you have respect for them. Try it out!

Imagine, if people could SEE the love you feel…

…maybe they would understand you better. Or maybe they would simply enjoy catching your good vibes. Maybe they would get inspired.

Your kind thoughts are about to be in the open

They’ll become components of an art installation. They function as messengers of good will, when we take YOUR GRATITUDE and include it in the museum.

Help build the museum – it’s FREE!
Look how easy it is:

1.) Create a Thank You note and send it to us.

2.) As soon as we get your note, we frame it and add it to the future Love & Peace Wall of Thanks™.

3.) Enter your Thank You notes here >


Whatever you’re thankful for, say it in your own way

Make up a note: draw, paint, make a photo collage, write a poem – whatever it is that comes to mind. Put your thinking cap on, and let your creative juices flow!

Make as many thank you notes as you wish – each will be posted to the wall.

Add yours and get 50 KR Points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

Help Build the Museum: Add Thanks >


About the title image:

A mock up of the future Wall of Thanks, shown to illustrate what the museum could look like. These are the first ones that were created when this Signature Activity started in 2015. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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