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Who are YOUR Super Heroes?

Every single human being is influenced by others: through their opinions, or by the way they act.

Most likely there are some people that you admire. Maybe they have special wisdom. Or maybe they set a good example just by living an exemplary life.

Your personal role models shape your attitude whether you realize it or not. Often subtle, subconsciously, or very deliberate, they can be a steady stream of inspirations as long as you live.

Who you choose to learn from, says a lot about you.

The moon deserves mentioning too… it reflects the light from another star!

Setting positive examples

It doesn’t matter whether you look up to a close relative, a teacher or a celebrity, even a total stranger. What’s important, is that you’ve learned from them.

Now return the favor: give recognition to those who helped enrich your life.

Dedicate a star to someone who is your personal role model! We’ll add your star to a ceiling installation in the future museum.


Imagine, if people could SEE the love you feel…

…maybe they would understand you better. Or maybe they would simply enjoy catching your good vibes. Maybe they would get inspired.

Your kind thoughts are about to be in the open

They’ll become components of an art installation. They function as messengers of good will, when we take YOUR APPRECIATION and include it in the museum.

Help build the museum – it’s FREE!
Look how easy it is:

1.) Choose one or more people who inspired you greatly. Dedicate stars to them!

2.) As soon as we get your info, we add stars in your name to the future Love & Peace Starry Sky™.

3.) Enter your dedications here >


Together, they’re the mankind’s true sparkling treasure

From the beginning of time, each era had a large number of people who shared wisdom and inspiration.

Even today we’re still learning from them, as they bring light and enlightenment to all of us. They keep shining to help us see. And in a way, that’s a comforting thought.

Combined, they represent a huge mass of good stuff. A starry sky, if you will.

Give your heroes what they deserve – add stars!

Add yours and get 50 KR Points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

Help Build the Museum: Add Stars >


About the title image:

Yes – it’s a cheesy place holder for the truly magnificent installation to come. Once it has its place in the future museum, you can see it here. Image by Ingrid Webster, made with components from open source software. Original designers unknown.


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