Coming Home…

The house you keep reflects your heart inside

This is not about house cleaning or the size of your home, but rather what it means to others…

Is yours a house of pretense or a house of peace? A house where people are turned away or where everybody is welcome?

Does your family find their refuge at your house? Will your kids encounter warmth and encouragement, and will old folks feel understood and cared for?

Fill your house with your soul, your noble thoughts. Make your home worthy of a king!

Where you live is not important – whether it’s in a stately palace or in a humble apartment. It matters what you bring into it.

Coming home means feeling cozy.

You would be surprised what a difference your attitude makes. Your thoughts and actions linger in every room, in every corner and in every molecule of your home. And it shows, …inside and out.

It is up to you whether the house absorbs anger and contempt, or positive energy.


Imagine, if people could SEE the love you feel…

…maybe they would understand you better. Or maybe they would simply enjoy catching your good vibes. Maybe they would get inspired.

How can you not love your home town, when you’re greeted with a majestic tree such as this Royal Poinciana? Found in Lantana, Florida. Image © by Ingrid Webster


Your kind thoughts are about to be in the open

They’ll become components of an art installation. They function as messengers of good will, when we take YOUR WORDS and include them in the museum.

As easy as 1-2-3 for you:
  Here’s how to do it:
  • Choose a word or two that best describe the character of your home.
  • As soon as we get your entry, we build a little house and tuck your words inside, then add it to the future Love & Peace Kindness Village™. Download and print the HOUSE RULES!
  • Upload your entry and photos. See the LINKS IN PINK below.

Why care?

Because your house is a piece of the community too.

It is where you raise your kids, or where you may give care to someone close to you. It’s where your life takes place, day and night.

When you add your own positive values and try to maintain them, they improve your life automatically. At the same time, you help create a better community. You’re raising the standard overall and for all of us.

It’s a FREE activity, and you get 50 KR points towards free goodies. (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives™ President Members always get double: in this case, that’s 100 KR Points!)

EASY: Post your entry in our facebook group >
(Alternatively, you can add houses here >)
Download and print the HOUSE RULES >
Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >

No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

You can find a log of all entries in the Love & Peace Journal. Just click on the banner below to go to the page for this activity.  




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