The Love & Peace Chain of Prayers

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This activity was created in Honor of

Deacon Friedrich Anders and Mrs. Elisabeth Anders

With prayers forming the core of their lives, they set a living example for unbending faith.

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Your prayer will empower you

But you already know that.

Who would not agree on the validity of a prayer? It lets you connect with your spiritual side – whether you address God, Vishnu, Yahweh, Manitou, Allah, Gaia or any other higher being of a different name.

A big part of human existence since the beginning of time, prayers hold a very special position. Those who faithfully engage in a conversation with God, get rewarded with strength and healing power.

Calling people of all faiths, from any place on Earth

While praying may be optional/non-existent for some, a majority of people use prayers to worship God. Or they may find comfort while asking for help and guidance.

Even if you do not believe in praying for yourself, at least try to do it for somebody else in need of support. You’ll be glad you did!

Imagine, if people could SEE the love you feel…

…maybe they would understand you better. Or maybe they would simply enjoy catching your good vibes. Maybe they would get inspired.

Your kind thoughts are about to be in the open

When you submit your prayer, we print it onto a tiny scroll, tie it with a ribbon and encase it in a clear capsule. The capsule then is added to the “Chain of Prayers”, and your prayer can’t be read unless the capsule is destroyed.

You may choose to make your prayer available for viewing on this website. That way, you either can share it, or you may keep it private.

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Everybody prays in their own words

Just like each person has individual thoughts, each individual has their own way to talk to God.

There are no rules what to say, but all religions or religious groups have standard prayers that may be used as one’s own.

Speak what comes natural to you, and be assured that God will hear you.

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