ocean with access stairs

Love & Peace Journal

The Love & Peace Journal™ contains a list of all the activities, as well as all items that were added to the Museum Installations until today.

Museum Building Activities

Month Journal Page What Entries
January Zen Garden Rocks 75
February Flag Planet Flags 225
March Kindness Village Houses 1
April Starry Sky Stars 15
May Chain of Prayers Prayers TBA
June Family Tree  Leaves 5
July The Neverending Necklace™ Beads TBA 14,000+
August Book of Wisdom Quotes TBA
September Forgiveness Forest Bears 5
October Heritage Vineyard Corks 55
November Wall of Thanks Thanks 15
December Friendship Tree™ Ornaments 15

Be More! Initiatives

BMI Page What Entries
Norma’s Valentine Project See it > Valentine Cards 104
Sergio’s Lent Exchange See it > Boxes of 40 1
Micah’s Challenge See it > Trash Bags 47
Paul’s Diogenes Assignment See it > Good Humans 0
Rachel’s Countdown Calendar See it > Boxes of 24 0

Activities & Community Events

Events Page What Entries
Love, Peace & Coffee See it > Guests 62
Love, Peace & Walking See it > Hours Walked  
Love, Peace & Wine See it > Guests  
Love, Peace & Beading See it > Students  
Love, Peace & Polo See it > Guests  
Love, Peace & Drawing See it > Students  
Love, Peace & the Beach See it > Hours Walked  
Love, Peace & Crafts See it > Students  
International Coastal Clean-Up See it > Volunteers  
Love & Peace Executives Mixer See it > Guests  

The Prompts

Events Page What Entries

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ocean with access stairs

All encompassing nature – the constant we have in common. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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