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ocean with access stairs
Looking out over the open ocean, one can’t help but feel connected to nature and all living things… The Atlantic coast near Lantana, Florida. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

The Journal contains a list of activities and their participants. It registers all items that were added to the Museum Installations over the years until today. The first Installation, the Neverending Necklace, was started on July 21, 1988.


Month Journal Page What Entries
January Zen Garden Rocks 113
February Flag Planet Flags 231
March Kindness Village Houses 27
April Starry Sky Stars 21
May Chain of Prayers Prayers 16
June Family Tree  Leaves 5
July The Neverending Necklace™ Beads 15,200
August Book of Wisdom Quotes 39
September Forgiveness Forest Bears 5
October Heritage Vineyard Corks 55
November Wall of Thanks Thanks 37
December Friendship Tree™ Ornaments 29
    Total 15,778
Love & Peace Project


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