The Twelve Museum Installations


inspirational rocks

This is a sample of the rocks in the Love & Peace Zen Garden™. Each installation is made of contributions by people from around the world. Photo © by Ingrid Webster



The Love & Peace Zen Garden™
© by Love & Peace Society


Start out your new year with a commitment to yourself. All it takes, is ONE word that keeps you motivated and inspired throughout the year.

We’ll take that word and paint it on a rock, then add it to the Zen Garden.

See some of the rocks from the Zen Garden >


The Love & Peace Flag Planet™


Dedicate flags to friends from other countries! Make them feel welcome and accepted, when you add their flag to the Flag Planet as a gesture of kindness.

See some of the flags from the Flag Planet >


The Love & Peace Kindness Village™


Is your home a house of love, or is it a house of happiness? A house of warmth and nurturing?

Tell us which attribute you like to give to your home, and we’ll add a little house in your name to the Kindness Village.

See some of the houses from the Kindness Village >


The Love & Peace Starry Sky™


Who is your most important role model? The one who inspires you the most. Share their name, and we’ll add a star to the Starry Sky in their honor.

See some of the stars from the Starry Sky >


The Love & Peace Chain of Prayers™


Yes, it’s powerful! Share your favorite prayer, and we’ll add it to the Chain of Prayers to encourage others.

See some of the prayers from the Chain of Prayers >


The Love & Peace Family Tree™


For most people, family is company for comfort, a welcoming group to be. Name yours, and we’ll add leaves to the Family Tree to celebrate them.

See some of the leaves from the Family Tree >


The Love & Peace Neverending Necklace™


Some people still remember the magic. The original “Summer of Love” was a revolutionary idea. Today, let’s build on that spirit and dedicate beads to people you love and care about.

We’ll add a bead in your name to the Neverending Necklace.

See some of the beads from the Neverending Necklace >


The Love & Peace Book of Wisdom™


What’s the value of good advice? Can’t put a price on it. Wisdom is a treasure that should be kept and shared at the same time.

Add your favorite quote to the Book of Wisdom and you’ll make us all richer!

See some of the quotes from the Book of Wisdom >


The Love & Peace Forgiveness Forest™


Forgiveness is precious and divine. It’s also liberating. And by the way, it’s at the core of every peace agreement.

Forgive someone and we’ll add a bear in their name to the Forgiveness Forest.

See some of the bears from the Forgiveness Forest >


The Love & Peace Heritage Vineyard™


The vintner hopes for a good harvest in late summer. He knows he’s groomed his vines the best he knows, and he’s planted them in rich soil.

Let us add a cork to the Heritage Vineyard for each of your children and grandkids, to celebrate your offspring with pride.

See some of the corks from the Heritage Vineyard >


The Love & Peace Wall of Thanks™


Make a Thank You note for the “Wall of Thanks”. You may get creative and make one yourself, or you simply write us what you’re thankful for and we make a unique note, then frame it and add it to the wall.

See some of the Thank You notes from the Wall of Thanks >


The Love & Peace Friendship Tree™

True friends are more than just a lunch date. They listen to us when we need someone with an open ear. They embrace us when we need a hug, they give advice when we’re at a loss for direction.

Show how much you value their friendship: dedicate ornaments to your friends!

See some of the ornaments from the Friendship Tree >


© by Love & Peace Project




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