Bear Forest

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The Signature Activity for September:

Fall into Forgiveness!

You’ll LOVE this month’s FREE activity: Dedicate a stuffed Teddy Bear to someone who you want to forgive.

These cuddly fellas will become part of an installation in the Love, Peace & Beads Museum

Close that Rift and Start the HealingThere is nothing more liberating than to forgive someone. When you grant another person your forgiveness, you get permission to become a better being of grace, love, wisdom and peace.

The Teddy Bear you choose will become part of the “Bear Forest” installation in the Love, Peace & Beads Museum.


Each bear contributes its own secret story for the “Bear Forest” – a display of renewed love and warm acceptance.

You are giving a huge gift to ease someone’s burden: imagine no more guilt, no more fear of being turned away because of an unresolved dispute or a misdeed in the past…

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