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Add a cork to the Love & Peace Heritage Vineyard™!

Your children and grandkids really are your “Golden Harvest”. The secret to have award winning vines and bring out the most flavor diversity in a grape, lies in the soil where the vine was grown. It’s what every vintner knows.

A rich soil ensures that the climate and environment have the best condition to deliver what humans have been searching out for millennia: a quality end product.

Your offspring are a source of pride for you, and you have given them the best you could. Dedicate corks to your children and grandkids, and help us create a creative reminder of your constant care. We’ll paint their names on corks and add them to build a gigantic installation for the future museum.

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© by Love & Peace Project

© by Love & Peace Project

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Share the first names of your loved ones, and they’ll have a place of honor in the “Heritage Vineyard”.

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