Add Bears!


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Add a bear to the Love & Peace Forgiveness Forest™!

Ahhh – forgiveness! Perhaps the most powerful Museum Building Activity.

When you forgive someone, you are making a gigantic leap forward, in the right direction. If you can forgive someone with a kind heart, your rewards will be far greater than the effort it takes to grant a person your sincere mercy.

Set yourself free! For each person you forgive, we mark a special Teddy Bear and release it into the Forgiveness Forest.

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© by Love & Peace Project

© by Love & Peace Project

You may enter as often as you wish, but only ONE of the same activity per day will earn you points. You may enter this one today and get KR Points, and if you enter again tomorrow, you get points again.

You may enter any different activity today and we’ll credit you those points as well. All entries received must be qualifying entries, no incomplete forms accepted for KR Points.

© by Love & Peace Project

Your Entry: Fall Into Forgiveness
May be first name only. You may enter up to three people, just separate their names by a comma.
Please enter your email, so you collect KR points.
We promise we won't swamp your inbox - we're way too busy making the world a better place!

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Who would you like to grant forgiveness? You may enter up to three people at a time.

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Enter your contributions for the monthly Museum Building Activities, and collect Kindness Rebel Points™. 

Come back each month to enter a different item and get more points! (Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get 100 KR Points)

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