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Traditional gingerbread hearts, decorated with good wishes or expressions of love, in Würzburg, Germany. There is a heart for everybody! Image © by Ingrid Webster


Help Build the Museum!

Add something to the Love, Peace & Beads Museum and be a part of it forever. It’s totally FREE and fun to do.

What we hope to create, are installations that are meaningful. So when you add your kind thoughts, it really is a piece of yourself that has a found a peaceful place in the Museum. The LPB Museum is in fact built by everybody, because YOU can add your memories or good vibes to any of the installations. Your kindness is about to become visible.


It’s what’s inside that matters

The Love, Peace & Beads Museum wants to be a place for the love we have for others. Just imagine: anybody from anywhere in the world can add their positive thoughts. Together, those kind words manifest as a big display. A monument for peace, a celebration of coexistence and tolerance.


It’s totally FREE:

Just enter your kind thoughts! You’ll contribute to the installations for the museum and you collect Kindness Rebel Points.

Double up each time: Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members get 100 KR Points, President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get 100 KR Points.

You may enter as often as you wish, as long as they are different activities. Only ONE entry per same activity per day is awarded points.


Add Your Items!
Activity Add something:  Installation
Rockin’ a New Beginning Add Rocks > Love & Peace Zen Garden™
Love To The World! Add Flags > Love & Peace Flag Planet™
Coming Home… Add Houses > Love & Peace Kindness Village™
Shine Baby, shine! Add Stars > Love & Peace Starry Sky™
The Power of Prayer Add Prayers > Love & Peace Chain of Prayers™
Family First Add Leaves > Love & Peace Family Tree™
Summer of Love, Peace and Beads Add Beads > Love & Peace Neverending Necklace™
The Book of Quotes Add Quotes > Love & Peace Book of Wisdom™
Fall Into Forgiveness Add Bears > Love & Peace Forgiveness Forest™
Rich Soil – Golden Harvest Add Corks > Love & Peace Heritage Cellars™
Say Thanks! Add Thanks > Love & Peace Wall of Thanks™
Friends are Treasures Forever Add Ornaments > Love & Peace Friendship Tree™
© by Love & Peace Project


Let’s make the LPB Museum outstanding!

No museum is complete without artifacts that are either historic, culturally important, or awe inspiring for their message or artistic value.

Over the years, we have been collecting things for enjoyment and education, to be exhibited in the future museum. There is a vast number of items that are waiting to be displayed and loved by the general public. And of course we continue to look further for anything that can enhance the overall theme of love, peace and beads.


Do you have something laying around that’s in need of a new purpose?


We happily accept donations of related objects:


heart shaped objects or depictions of all sizes and any material, from any cultural heritage and era


from people with significant contributions to peace, love and understanding, and from individuals who have shown exemplary love to their community


Post Cards



from peace declarations, negotiations, demonstrations, the Hippie Era, etc.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, any Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and other contributors to love and peace

Cultural Artifacts

especially items related to communication and trade between different ethnic groups



Beaded Items

Prayer/Meditation Items

Mandalas, Buddha Statues, Prayer Beads, Rosaries and more

© by Love & Peace Project


For your donation, you will be awarded KR Points towards FREE goodies from our vault. That means you may choose something else in exchange for your gift to the Love & Peace Project.

If you own a business, there are many ways how we can return that favor.

Contact us at




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