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It’s FREE:

Just enter your kind thoughts! You’ll contribute to the installations for the museum and you collect Kindness Reward points.

Each month we build on a special installation, for a total of twelve. There is a different theme behind each month, so you can enter a different sentiment and get another 50 points. (Love & Peace Society Members get 100 points)

This Month: Honor Your Role Model
shine star
Your personal hero gets his/her own star

Shine Baby, Shine!

Dedicate a star to your favorite role model. We’ll add a star in your name and add it to the “Starlight Sky”.

It’s easy and FREE.

Thousands of stars will come together for an awe-inspiring, magical display. Scroll down to add yours today!

Let’s Make a Vast, Beautiful Starry Sky…

The ceiling of the Love, Peace & Beads Museum will house an enormous display of countless stars. Bright gold or silver, they light up the museum’s sky inside. They are the ones we look up to, literally!

shine star
Those who light up our life are the brightest stars…

Ready to play?

Everybody has someone they admire. Maybe you have several people who are your mentors, or those who helped you in other ways. Remember them with a bright star that bears their name!

Enter today, then come back tomorrow for more. You may enter as often as you wish, but only ONE activity of the same kind per day awards points.

Enter your website to get a FREE link (*no adult-only, gambling, violent or other content that's prohibited by ethical and local laws)
Enter the name of your favorite personal role model, or someone you admire greatly.


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