Monument for Love and Pledge for Peace:

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A Museum that’s Built by YOU! 

While we’re gathering resources, we invite you to become the most important part of it! Because this museum is about you, and what it has to show to the world, will be made with your help.

The museum exists right here online. A brick-and-mortar place is planned for the future, so you can visit and see all the exhibits live.

You can look forward to educational exhibits, as well as those that awaken your soul with awe and beauty. A place to reflect and enjoy…
How can you be involved?

The Love, Peace & Beads Museum centers around twelve installations. You may add an item to the installations by participating in any of the Signature Activities. They are totally free, and they’re fun to do: you can add to a different one for each month of the year.

Whether you like any or all of them, you can enter as often as you wish, because they are completely FREE of charge. They all represent a special moment of your personal, kind thoughts. 

As activity for the month of January, you can paint a rock with one chosen word that will inspire you throughout the year. Your rock, along with all the others, will be displayed in the future Zen Garden.

Rocks for the Love & Peace Zen Garden

Awe-inspiring exhibits made by you!

There are other installations: for example you can shape the canopy of a tree, by adding green leaves for each of your dearest family members.

Or you can add thank you notes to the “Wall of Thanks”, just as shown in the picture below.

To make sharing your kind thoughts rewarding, you’ll get 50 Kindness Reward points each time you participate in any Signature Activity.

Your can express your gratitude on the “Wall of Thanks”, during the month of November

Another unique display is the “Chain of Prayers”. You can participate and add your prayer, no matter which faith.

Your prayer is copied onto a tiny scroll, gets tied with a ribbon and secured inside a capsule. Then we link these capsules together for an actual chain of your innermost closely held prayers.

The first section of the “Chain of Prayers”

And of course, the most popular attraction to date has been the Neverending Necklace. It was established on July 21, 1998 and has grown to a length of over 3,200 feet. 

You can add beads and dedicate them to people you love. About 15,000 beads have been dedicated so far. That makes the Neverending Necklace truly a superstar!

Panel 1 “First Love” is one of many of the already existing panels, and it represents the humble beginning of the Neverending Necklace…

What About the Bead Items?

A big area is reserved for everything that has to do with beads and their use. Special attention will be given to the role of beads in connecting societies. We’ll show a vast number of beaded items, tools, history, cultural artifacts and more.

We’re in the process of taking those countless pictures, so we can share all the pretty and interesting things for you to see right here. 

Explore the use of beads by different cultures.

The Heart of It All

What would this museum be without those people who inspire us daily with their unconditional love?

Or those who, with their various diplomatic ways, work to establish peace in an international setting? Moreover, the countless individuals who do their part within a small group by working on acceptance and understanding just the same?

There is a special plan for these heroes, big or small. The “Love & Peace Hall of Fame”™ with its “Heart & Dove Awards”™ hopes to do them justice by recognizing iconic people who inspire us all.

Come visit us at any of the events, or join the Love & Peace Society to be close to all the activities. Keep reading our blog, and you can follow the progress of the museum as it happens! Become a Member of the Love & Peace Society >

Randy Lewis instructing volunteers for the Burrito Project. The Lake Worth Burrito Project is a Non-Profit Organization led by Randy Lewis. It actively helps homeless people with food and other support.

Are you ready to add yours?

All of these beautiful things exist because of your participation! It’s really easy to do, and you get 50 Kindness Reward points each time you add an entry.

Click the “Add Things” sign to add your kind thought for the current month:

Stay in the loop: follow the progress of the museum and watch it grow! There are already several of the exhibits to see online. And the more you participate in the Signature Activities, the more items can be added to their respective installations.

Learn more about the Museum’s Signature Installations >


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