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Thank You for believing in the good of mankind and committing to a better society!

This will make it easier for you to continue on your path of kindness. Please stay in touch often, so we can make sure that the Love & Peace Society is beneficial to your efforts. We would like to support your own efforts wherever we can.

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As a Thank You for subscribing, you are awarded an extra 250 KR points.

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Scroll down below for your Membership Certificate. Just copy and paste onto a blank sheet of paper, try to center it for best results. Print it out (parchment paper, such as AstroParche works best). Fill in your name and the date – finished!

Bookmark this page, so you can re-print the certificate, if necessary. If you need help printing your certificate, just drop us a line: Ingrid@lovepeaceandbeads.com

Your Membership Certificate: fill in your name and the date with a red pen. For a special effect, you will need to print on parchment paper – otherwise the background remains white. 

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