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Love & Peace Project


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Where do the points come from?

Number of points that are awarded for the following activities:

Love & Peace Project
Online Activities Points VIP
Read the weekly emails from the Love & Peace Project (KR Points ONCE per individual different email read) 25 50
Become a FREE Basic Member of the Love & Peace Society 500  
Become a VIP Member of the Love & Peace Society™ 1,000
Become a Basic Member of the Love & Peace Executives™ 500 1,000
Become a President Member of the Love & Peace Executives™ 2,500
Become a Love & Peace Ambassador™ 100 200
Participate in a Museum Building Activity 50 100 
Nominate someone for the Heart & Dove Awards™ 250 500 
Initiate a Be More!™ activity (pending approval)
500 1,000
Social Media Prompts (check it out and participate – they’re easy!) 50+ 100+ 
Offline Activities Points VIP
Attend a Love & Peace Society™ social event or activity (must sign in) 50 100 
Teach a Love, Peace & Learning™ class 50 100
Attend select events promoted by the Love & Peace Project™ (must sign in) 50 100
Become a Love & Peace Society™ Consul (leader of a local Chapter) 1,000 2,000 
Attend a private event with the Love & Peace Project 100 200
Volunteer for a Love & Peace Project Partner Charity 100+ 200+
Donate an item for the Love, Peace & Beads Museum™ 100+ 200+ 
Participate in any Love & Peace “Be More!™” Initiative 100+ 200+
Love & Peace Project


But wait, there is more…

KR Points may be awarded for designated local activities.

These will be announced as necessary, and on a short notice. They may include participating in a marathon, helping with community clean-up, attending a benefit, supporting a charity or other activities by our sponsors.

As an extra bonus, we may award random KR Points at any time, and without prior notice. You may find these on social media platforms or during events.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

The perks are entirely FREE in exchange for your KR Points, but you may have to pay for actual shipping cost of your FREE item, if you are unable to pick it up from the business that donated it.

See the rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ >





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