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Does a single ant create an ant hill? We don’t think so. It takes an entire colony to build their super structure and make life work for them.

Become a VIP Member and build on this beautiful common goal: a kinder society!

Inspire others and have fun while you’re doing it

What’s our grand strategy to change the world? Actually, there’s nothing grandiose about it, and we don’t want to turn the world upside down either.

We’re gentle rebels. We want to be known as a social group with a positive attitude. Non-political, and not affiliated with any religious organization. All are welcome.

Peaceful and kind – the attributes we strive for within a functioning community

It just may become contagious

Our main activity is to have fun, meet people and enjoy conversations in a nice setting. Or do things together, like take a ceramic class, visit a concert, have a picnic or take a tour of a hip new gallery. And of course, participating in the Be More! Initiatives™.

VIP Membership is only $40 a year!

But we also support good causes by occasionally volunteering for local charities, or finding people who deserve an award for a good deed. At the same time, our members are encouraged to help build on the museum.

We’re a group of like-minded people, regardless of heritage or views. All we want is to give a boost to kindness and be an inspiration to others.

And if you believe that there is strength in numbers, the future is in good shape. Join our society of “Kindness Rebels” and make that difference!


Become a VIP Member!

$3.33 a month for a ton of activities!

VIP Membership is only $40 for the calendar year, with lots of things waiting for you all year long! There are new people for you to meet, new places to go, extra gifts and VIP members-only events. Plus, you get your Kindness Rebel Points™ twice as fast. All this, while making your community better.

Act fast – lock in your rate for life:

Pick your favorites throughout the year:

  • Monthly Luncheon and Meeting (the Signature Luncheons)
  • Love, Peace & Coffee (afternoon socials)
  • Love & Peace Happy Hour (an all adult evening mixer)
  • Love & Peace Executives™ Mixer for business owners/managers
  • Classes, Seminars, Workshops
  • Outings, Tours, Field Trips
  • Love & Peace Community Activities
  • Spring Food Drive to benefit a local food pantry
  • Be More! Initiatives™ to be kind and feel good
  • …and more: including activities for inner peace, healing or personal enrichment
The VIP Membership Certificate – get yours after you sign up. Dotted sections are left blank for you to fill in. For a special effect (as shown), you may want to get parchment paper.

Your benefits as a VIP Member:

  • Double Kindness Rebel Points
  • Reduced Ticket Fees for Luncheons
  • Discount on most Classes and Workshops
  • Access to VIP Members-only pages on this site
  • Access to VIP Members-only events
  • Special recognition awards after 5, 10, 25 year Membership
  • BONUS 1,000 KR Points as a VIP Membership Welcome Gift

Sign up today, so you start earning twice the Kindness Rebel Points™ immediately!

The new Kindness Rebels

Yes, I want to be a rebel for kindness!

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Where and when are the meetings?

There are different types of events. “Love, Peace & Coffee” is an afternoon social at a local coffee shop or other facility. Times and frequency may vary.

The Luncheons are somewhat more structured, with occasional speakers or programs. You’ll find them in various local settings to experience different surroundings and discover new flavors.

The Mixers are evening, adult-only events at local bars, restaurants, or other businesses. These are strictly social events in a mature environment, for bonding and friendly personal or business relationships.

All events or activities are in various locations, to be announced in the calendar.

What do we do there?

  1. getting to know each other, making connections
  2. participating in the Museum Building Activities (optional)
  3. discovering hidden gems: organized outings to nature centers, art galleries, specialty restaurants, select sports events, field trips and more
  4. learning new things, such as pottery, glass fusion, self defense 
  5. enjoying food and drink together, socializing
  6. having fun in a relaxing environment, with optional yoga, tai chi classes or healing workshops

A new purpose

Visualize yourself as a gentle rebel for love and peace, and you’ll know why it’s a good idea to be in the middle of supportive peers: the Love & Peace Society.

Don’t miss the good stuff: sign up now!

If you have a positive attitude, this group is perfect for you. Let’s do good things together!

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