YOUR Customers LOVE Our Philosophy

Because we’re nice and kind and sweet. And we’re real.

Positive reinforcement is our core philosophy. It carries over to everything we do.

We’re building on a gentler, kinder society. Conventional commerce and marketing wisdom are our tools to help spread the idea.

We’re up to something good. It’s exactly what the world needs right now, more than ever.

We reward people for being kind
While the internet is fine and dandy to spread goodwill and love, it’s just as important to take that kindness and promote it off-line, into the real world. But, we can’t do it alone.

You NEED to be there too!

Together, we can move mountains. And we will!


What’s next:

Meet our audience

They are individuals who wish to contribute to a better, kinder future. The Love & Peace Society™ brings them together in a social setting.

Donate an item as reward

The Kindness Rewards Program™ was established to encourage people and keep them motivated. Give an item or service valued at $25+, and your rewards will be far greater than that.

Your goodies go a long way…

BECAUSE YOU GET FREE MARKETING!! The Kindness Rewards Program™ gives you steady exposure, day after day, month after month.

YOU determine how much exposure you want, and for how long!

Associate with the Love & Peace Project™ early on, and you never have to worry about your positive image again. Your deeds will speak volumes.

Loud and clear, we see to that.

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Your business is the spine of the community

It doesn’t take much for a community to thrive. But every member needs to pitch in. Some can give a little, others can do more.

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