Thank You, Lantana!

Following one’s dream is only good as long as you have the support of your community. Without the help of many of Lantana’s small businesses, the dream of building the Love, Peace & Beads Museum could never come to fruition.

Shop these small businesses below. They have understood how a community is held together.

Here’s to Lantana – the “Town of Love”!

This page is dedicated to a town that’s one of the best kept secrets in Florida: Lantana. Situated in the heart of Palm Beach County, this small town has managed to preserve the feel and lifestyle of an era, where relationships among people were built on mutual trust and genuine care.

Many thanks to all supporters. Lantana truly is the new Town of Love!

Please note: these advertisements were not purchased, they are a “Thank You” from the Love & Peace Project LLC. Banner ads on this page are our gift to these small businesses, in exchange for being the first to display our brochures in their locations.

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About the title image:

Flowering bushes, palm trees and sunshine, enhanced by luscious shades of green. It’s a privilege to be surrounded by such natural beauty, and here in Lantana, FL, it must well have transferred onto this town’s residents. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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