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Aircraft fuel – it’s almost like a sweet smell of success, if you will.

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“In today’s world, It’s not so much a numbers game, like, how many impressions you can get.

It’s about being associated with the right values.

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A Burst of Positive Influence

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Join us as a President Member

As a business owner you always stick your neck out. You are more visible by default, as it should be. But as soon as you’re a President Member of the Love & Peace Executives™, you’ll get constant recognition for your positive attitude. All year long.

Your brand gets wrapped in a glowing light, where everybody can see it. That means a lot, since your business thrives when people watch how you lead with your heart!

But you’ll want to be a President Member more than just for your own benefit:

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It’s building on a better community together!

only $10 per month (billed as $120 yearly)

Sign up by clicking the button below and pay conveniently and securely with a credit card or via PayPal:

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A Special Purpose

You’ll set the gold standard for others

When you are that leader, others will look up to you and do as you do. Now imagine the possibilities, when more people think alike. They see how kindness impacts us all because you are the front runner who shows how it’s done!

Each and every time you participate in ANY of our activities, it gets noticed. You’ll see YOUR NAME stick out from the rest, when we highlight it in HOT PINK in the Score Chart! Then, people can click on the LINK IN PINK to get to your website.

Best of all: by participating on social media, you’ll collect KR Points towards FREE ads. Or something else you like from our Perks Vault. Your choice.



Nobody can do it alone…

Through the input and support of a group, it is possible to launch actions for a better community. And a better community also means: improving society overall.

You’ll be in good company.


Large numbers of good examples are always convincing

Kindness works by positive peer pressure, making it a force to be reckoned with… So when there is an entire group focusing on a common goal, the world will pay attention.

And when the world pays attention, YOU will want to be there.


Get the Presidential Treatment!

Your Benefits as a President Member:


highlighted listing + link in the Love & Peace Directory

banner ad + link along with your listing in the Love & Peace Directory (a $65 value)

• your business name with highlighted link in the Score Chart

pre-approval to post in all Love & Peace social media groups

• President Membership Certificate

• exclusive activities to collect KR Points

• access to redeem your KR Points for FREE perks

• gain access to view the score chart

DOUBLE your KR Points for all activities

DISCOUNT for most activities and events

• gain access to view President Member areas (see site map)

• BONUS 2,500 KR Points as a President Membership Welcome Gift

• Love & Peace Executives Mixers

• first choice at sponsorship opportunities

ALL of that for only $10 per month

(billed yearly, for a total of $120 USD)


Join Now

Sign up by clicking the button below and pay conveniently and securely with a credit card or via PayPal:

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A little thank you from us to give you a head start towards the perks!

Your Welcoming Package with your Membership Certificate will be available to you immediately after successful sign-up. You also receive 2,500 extra KR Points.

Doubling of KR Points for your participation will start from today on forward, as long as you are a President Member.

President Memberships are for the duration of each calendar year and end at Midnight, December 31st. Renewal fees for the following year are due before Midnight, December 31st.


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