Why Your Business Needs Love…



People LOVE positive messages on social media.

They’re looking for uplifting things.

Fact #2:

There is a silent LOVE Revolution going on.


Just look around:

  Inspirational quotes are everywhere

  People pray for total strangers

  Kind deeds make news in main stream media

  The benefit of a positive attitude is backed by science

  Wellness is a multi-Billion Dollar industry

  New charities emerge every day

  Books that teach self care and personal growth are best sellers

  People are more aware of good causes


It’s a trend you should pay attention to.

Marketing strategies succeed, when they pick up on trends.

Awareness and need for humanitarian love is present and real. People are beginning to see that cooperation and compassion are the benchmark of a new, modern era.

You’ve heard about Steve Hartman’s stories on CBS News, about the work of Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, James Clear, Travis Bradberry, …and the list goes on.

They’re all part of that silent LOVE Revolution.

Let’s help the kindness movement. Let’s take it offline too, into the real world!

Negativity and toxic behavior are so last Millennium. Humans are better than that. They are equipped with kindness and compassion.


Love & Peace Project


Let’s welcome

The Power of LOVE!






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