white Polo horse

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A very warm “Thank You” to the following Individuals for their generosity:

Bill Rozinski Maria Richmond & Kay Rodgers Richard Wood 
Ella Riggs Jack Stamper Dan Oliver
Ed Portman Colleen Hawkins Larry Rose
Jeff Gansneder Ron Albano Dave Friedman
Cynthia Tanney Linda Schindler-Webb Carol Robertson
Terre Beasley Sandra Clayton & Ruth Wyatt Wolfgang Eccarius
Marita Baron Harvey Liebman Ellen Jean
Michael Carol Audrey Quetier & Rick Baldwin BTL Collective
Suzie Moncada Lorna and Eric Peterson Jeff Ursillo
Donna Jostiak Linda and Roly Ramos Gifts of Avalon
Lenyce Boyd Harriett Flashenburg Barbara Barry
Inez Ancell Michael Andrew Buoni Mary Perez
Jutta Barbara Bowlin & John Kirby Carl Bengtson
Sara Harary Barbara Ringhiser Joe Peters
Mary Gushee Nancy Fried-Tobin Shannon Hill
Eric Williams Robert Cooper & Amy Wellman Mrs. Wellmann
Chris Noel Loretta and Marcus Miller Melinda Schwartz
Dru Ackerman Jeri Ann and Roger Golba Courtney Tavares
Kathleen Spain Oceania Maui – Victory Joanne Grimes
Margo Lefton Mr. and Mrs. Bowie Laurie B. Smith
Tonia Turner Dale and Debbie Howell Julie Baez
Victor Fera John and Betsy Carroll Jim Reed
Judi Lauro Susann Benjamin Debbie Sprague
Tony Scholl Michele Lifland Hilda Perichi
Lo Rain    


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About the title image:

white Polo horse
A Polo pony is always a team player

Even in equestrian sports, one has to rely on the other. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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