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It is important that we support those who add value to our community. Be there for your community, and we support YOUR business.


Donate Goods to be used as Rewards

You may donate services or goods, vouchers or gift certificates. These are used as perks, where people can exchange their accumulated Kindness Reward Points for free goodies.

You get a listing in the Business Directory with a link to your website.

You also get a FREE banner ad right below your listing (a $65 value!)

Your business gets a separate page that describes the donated item or service. This puts your business directly where the big buzz happens: the FREE PERKS page. It stays there, for as long as you make this item available.


How does it work?

Let’s just say you own a restaurant and you want to donate a free pizza. You get a page that shows the pizza, but you can also advertise anything else you want people to know about your business.

If the recipient can’t pick up the item from you, they will pay for shipping, in this case, delivery.

For item donations with a value greater than $65, you’ll receive additional advertising/marketing: it may include multiple banner ads, email ads, social media posts, blog posts with favorable mention (if applicable) etc. Please ask for a customized proposal.


Love & Peace Project


Businesses are the spine of a community. Let us put yours in the spotlight!

Get Your FREE Marketing:


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Which would you like to donate: Goods, Services, Vouchers/Gift Certificates?
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Love & Peace Project


Since we believe that you’re recognized by the company you keep, we too, delight in surrounding our own business with those who have a positive attitude.

This offer is available to select small businesses. We will not endorse adult-only sites, online gambling businesses or those who deal in weapons, distribute or promote violence, and those that disregard human or animal rights.

We reserve the right to revoke the donation agreement to any individual or business that displays an uncooperative attitude towards customers, employees or members of the Love & Peace Society™. No refund will be issued, but you have the option to explain your situation and regain status quo. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Ingrid Webster, Love & Peace Project




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