Because Nobody Can Do It Alone

…even marketing gets easier in a group of peers! 

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Airplanes and Executives – a traditional connection. Its use here is deliberate and appropriate, for air travel brings the world and people closer together. Image © by Ingrid Webster

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What does it mean to run a business?

That you have to wear many hats.

You have to worry about operations, payroll, marketing and keeping your brand in the best light possible. We can help.

People have become sensitive to social issues, and they need to know that a business follows best practices in customer relations. 

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Today’s world is vastly different from prior times

So are marketing strategies.

Let’s make a good impact on individuals and our communities! Be there together with the Love & Peace Executives™, as we reward people for being kind.

As a large group, small businesses have an immense power to elevate our society – let’s use it to inspire and improve!

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Be Seen Where it Matters!

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The Philosophy

NOBODY can do it alone

Only when you are a team player, will you win the big game. Because it’s all about  relationships + engagement.

And only when you show care for your customers, will you reap the reward and get all the positive feedback you deserve. Then, and only then, will you be a leader who’s recognized and respected.

Playing well with others is crucial for business success. We’re here to prepare the field for your home run!


Let us help you get closer to YOUR dreams!


No doubt about it

Look at the business section of your local paper. Who gets all the exposure? Those who do good things within their community. They’re the ones who continuously stick out. They support charity work, they sponsor school teams, they are engaged with their town’s happenings.

Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

You can easily have all of that, when you join the Love & Peace Executives™. Casting a warm, glowing dome of light is what we’re set out to do.

You want to be under it.



Your popularity meter goes up

People will recognize you as a beacon of your community. Be a member of the Love & Peace Executives™, and you’ll never have to worry about your good image again!

It’s done in a fun and engaging way, where you can truly ENJOY what this group has to offer for business owners.

Best of all: play along and earn KR Points towards FREE ads or other goodies!


only $25 one-time payment, good for life


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Social engagement is the platform for a healthy commerce

Your interaction needs to be where everybody can see you. Name recognition is a big asset. You should be known, and prove that you’re a kind human being.

At the same time, your business will be in the limelight. We see to that!

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