How the ‘Love Instead’ Button Came to Life

Actually, there are several factors that contributed to the invention of the ‘Love Instead’ Button.

First, there was the hunger for positive messages

You didn’t really have to look far to see how many people appreciate inspirational messages. You can see countless beautiful posts on social media, and they are always liked or loved.

But as wonderfully uplifting as these messages are, they are also fleetingly short-lived. We read them, we enjoy their inspiration, we intend to change for the better, and over the course of a few days we forget all about them.

Even if we print out some special ones, there are way too many words to successfully internalize the message forever.

Simplicity matters. That’s why the buttons only contain TWO words: so you would remember with ease and unobstructed.

Second and more importantly so, the timing was right

The first half of 2020 had been riddled with turbulence, verbal insults, vulgar name calling, disparity, animosity and plain hatred. These unprecedented outbursts contribute to feelings of frustration, depression, insecurity, anxiety and in more severe cases emotional trauma.

Social media were rampant with seemingly ad hoc endorsements for uncivil and often vile behavior. Apparently, many took the political atmosphere as a license to ditch their good upbringing and often their otherwise meaningful values.

Of course the last thing to do, is to interfere via the comments. But how can one sit by idly and watch the deterioration of civility on all sides?

We don’t have to.

If everybody with a brain and a heart inside their body strives to re-assess and work on themselves FIRST, then we have a glimmer of light shining through.

And that’s what we hope for.


Why the Power of Suggestion Works for You

Much has been said about the subconscious. One of the outstanding experts on habit forming is James Clear. We highly recommend his FREE newsletter, and of course his books.

Learn more about his extensive experience and research on

Or take a look at this article from the Huffington Post

Habits are controlling our lives

Whether we realize it or not. In fact, some habits can downright become addictions.

That’s good news!

Because as much as bad habits can negatively affect your life, you have the power to turn the page by introducing GOOD HABITS to your daily regimen. It’s what many successful people have discovered, and you can apply that same magic to your own behavior.

Take a look at this article from Psychology Today >

Thank Goodness we have access to much knowledge through the internet. It may be a good idea to take some time and delve deeper into the findings what makes us tick… and what makes us human.


Your Inspiration is Here to Stay!

The ‘Love Instead’ Buttons are made from durable epoxy. Their quality is exceptional – we guarantee it!

They stick to clean, smooth and dry surfaces. Just peel off the protective backing and place wherever you can see them often.

They are priced so you can easily afford them. As much as we’d love to give them out for free to everybody, they would not make an impact if there were no value attached. We want you to feel that they are worth their price and be happy about it. They are meant to be a precious, lasting, uplifting, valuable gift to yourself. Or someone you care about.


* It’s Good for You!

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