Lakeside Anchor Inn

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Love, Peace & Lunch

Monday from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Lakeside Anchor Inn

2412 Floral Rd., Lantana, FL 33462

Restaurant phone: (561) 902 1259

This social event is FREE, simply pay for what you consume

A casual, relaxing get-together among friends and guests. To chat, network and to welcome new people into our growing group. There is no charge for the event, you simply pay for what you eat and drink.

“Our resident food critic (moi) has tested several of their menu items and found the Lakeside Anchor Inn a great place to eat. Between you and me: the Lobster Bisque is my absolute favorite. Just as our friend David used to make it from scratch. And with lots of lobster and cream.

Not to mention the Anchor Toast, which will satisfy your sweet cravings, having a perfectly crusty outside, exactly as I like it. Vanilla Ice as topping doesn’t hurt a bit.** (Did I really say that?)” ~Ingrid Webster

**This is not an advertisement by a business, but a personal opinion from actual experience. No payment or goods were received in exchange for the recommendation.

Can you say “Tropical”? Great atmosphere on the lake, with good food and local vibe.

You will have an opportunity to participate in the monthly Signature Activities and contribute to one of the art installations for the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum. It’s a FREE activity that earns you an extra 50 KR points.

Just one of the outdoor seating areas. Whether it’s outdoors or inside – you’ll enjoy this place!

This is a new event, so it will take a little while to grow it into a good size luncheon. Don’t be afraid, come out and build on a stronger, better community together!

Please RSVP to let us know that you’re coming. That way, we can notify you if the event gets rescheduled.

After lunch, just stay over for one of our fun classes, where you always take home what you make. 

You’ll have a great view of Lake Osborne from anywhere you sit. Enjoy!

Collect 50 Kindness Reward points per event when you attend “Love, Peace & Lunch” at Lakeside Anchor Inn. Love & Peace Society Members earn 100 points.

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About the title image:

Great to have this incredibly beautiful tree right next to our lunch place! This image was taken just outside of the Lakeside Anchor Inn, a preferred venue for many of our activities and events. Photo © by Ingrid Webster


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