The Signature Activities

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They are easy and FREE to do!

Get 50 KR points for each completed activity. Love & Peace Society members get 100 KR points.

There are twelve different Signature Activities – one for each month. You simply enter a word, sentence or dedication. For each one of your entries, we create a matching item.

These unique tokens of goodwill are the components for the Signature Installations in the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum.

zen rocks
Your guidance word painted on a rock for the “Zen Garden”

Ready to give it a try?

It’s time for that Kindness Rebellion. Start adding things and be a good example for those who never seem to get it. It’s totally FREE and fun to do!

YOU are the key to a better society. Because kind behavior will only become infectious, when everybody takes action. Be that inspiration!

Just add yours here: 

The Monthly Activities

January: Rockin’ A New Beginning

Add a rock with the ONE word that serves as guidance for you throughout the year.

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February: Love To The World!

Add a flag and dedicate it to a friend from a foreign country.

March: Coming Home…

Add a a tiny house and fill it with good attributes.

April: Shine Baby, shine!

Add a star and dedicate it to your role model – your personal superstar.

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May: Prayer is People’s Purple Power

Add a prayer or affirmation from any religion, in any language.

June: Family First

Add a leaf for each of your favorite family members.

July: Summer of Love, Peace and Beads

Add beads and dedicate them to people you care about.

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August: Ancient Wisdom Uncovered

Add your favorite quote or wisdom.

September: Fall Into Forgiveness

Add a bear for a person who you grant forgiveness.

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October: Rich Soil – Golden Harvest

Add grapes to honor your children and grandchildren.

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November: Say Thanks!

Add Thank You notes to express what or whom you are thankful for.

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December: Friends Are Treasures Forever

Add ornaments and dedicate them to your dearest friends.

Help build the museum! Click the “Add Things” sign to add your kind thoughts:


About the title image:

A colorful reprieve from dull winter colors: the annual Fall market is in town! Shown here are the traditional ginger bread hearts, decorated with good wishes or expressions of love, in Würzburg, Germany. There is a heart for everybody… Image © by Ingrid Webster


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