The Museum Building Activities At a Glance

Be that inspiration!
YOU are the key to a better society. Because kind behavior will only become infectious, when everybody takes action.
January: Rockin’ A New Beginning

Add a rock with the ONE word that serves as guidance for you throughout the year.

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February: Love To The World!

Add a flag and dedicate it to a friend from a foreign country.

March: Coming Home…

Add a a tiny house and fill it with good attributes.

April: Shine Baby, shine!

Add a star and dedicate it to your role model – your personal superstar.


May: Prayer is People’s Purple Power

Add a prayer or affirmation from any religion, in any language.

June: Family First

Add a leaf for each of your favorite family members.

July: Summer of Love, Peace and Beads

Add beads and dedicate them to people you care about.


August: Ancient Wisdom Uncovered

Add your favorite quote or wisdom.

September: Fall Into Forgiveness

Add a bear for a person who you grant forgiveness.


October: Rich Soil – Golden Harvest

Add grapes to honor your children and grandchildren.


November: Say Thanks!

Add Thank You notes to express what or whom you are thankful for.


December: Friends Are Treasures Forever

Add ornaments and dedicate them to your dearest friends.

They are easy and FREE to do!

It’s time for that Kindness Rebellion. Start adding things and be a good example for those who never seem to get it. It’s totally FREE and fun to do!

Get 50 KR points for each completed activity. Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get 100 KR points.

There are twelve different Museum Building Activities – one for each month. You simply enter a word, sentence or dedication. For each one of your entries, we create a matching item.

These unique tokens of goodwill are the components for the Signature Installations in the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum™.



About the title image:

Peace is the result of a compassionate, caring society. Only when a critical percentage of every community understands their role in the peace process, can we truly advance to a higher level of existence. Entirely without hostilities. Image © by Ingrid Webster


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