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All these can be yours entirely FREE in exchange for KR points

That’s right: simply earn Kindness Reward points and exchange them for any of the FREEBIES we have to offer. Below is a very small selection of goodies. There will be other items for you in the future: restaurant certificates, gift cards, food baskets and more. Stay tuned.

The Secret of Gaia
Blushing Bride
Turtle Power
Holiday Tan
Soiree Ole!
Rider's Delight
One Shade of Gray
Signature Necklace
Tahiti Dreams
Kissy Heart Bracelet
Pearl Mother
Yoga Life
Flower Power!
Black Cat Heaven
All Is Calm
Electric Dino
Must Have
Luck Is Yours
In The Mix

…and yes, they are FREE with your KR points!

New ones are added all the time, and many of them are one-of-a-kind. Just call them “à la mode”, because we never know what we may come up with.

Fun stuff you won’t find anywhere else

We have whimsical, hand knotted little cuties for you. Or traditional pearl necklaces that will make you stand out at work. And of course cool stuff, that lets you be totally daring and unique.


All items are hand made in USA from imported parts. Please refer to each item’s individual page for more details. Full Warranty applies to all Reward Store items.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

All rewards good while supplies last. There is a limited supply of each reward, but we do our best to replenish them. Some of our necklaces are custom made, and some components may be hard or impossible to find. 

In that case we’ll let you know if your item is unavailable, so you can choose a replacement or keep your points until you find something else you like.

Free shipping in the Continental United States only. Persons outside of the US pay standard mail postage. Quote on request.

Non-members of the Love & Peace Society: 350 extra KR points are required per shipment to cover S&H.

See the “Kindness Reward” rules for detailed information >

Collect points towards FREE gifts, when you participate in the Kindness Rewards program


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