LPE Prompt 17


“Read to the end:
This is the time of the year where we go a little bit more inward. A time to reflect, maybe make amends. But also a great time to thank those who are so much a part of our lives.
When we get your ‘Thank You’ notes, we make them pretty, frame them and keep them for later display in the future ‘Love, Peace & Beads Museum’.
Of course you may get creative yourself: draw, paint, compose or photograph a beautiful thank you note, and share it here. Those who enter their own “Thank You Art” get an extra 500 KR Points!! (Love & Peace Society VIP Members and Love & Peace Executives President Members get 1,000 KR Points)
We’ll take your image and frame it for the future museum. Please keep in mind that our finished frames are no bigger than 8×6 inches.
There are two prompts in each group – participate in all FOUR prompts to get maximum KR Points!!”
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It’s fun and rewarding to participate, because you get 50 KR Points or more towards free goodies. VIP members of the Love & Peace Society™ and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ get double KR Points.

They’re easy questions. How you answer allows others to know you a little better. In a professional setting, it’s networking of the best kind, because you’re contributing to the community and you’re getting your name out!

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