Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program

By participating in this Kindness Rebel Program™, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following rules, and that you agree to abide by them.

Love & Peace Project


No purchase necessary. To earn KR Points, you must be 21 years of age or older.

To claim and receive perks, you must be a registered member of the Love & Peace Society™ or the Love & Peace Executives™.

There are four Membership Levels:

1) FREE Basic Member of the Love & Peace Society™

2) VIP Member of the Love & Peace Society™

3) Basic Member of the Love & Peace Executives™

4) President Member of the Love & Peace Executives™

You may participate in any or all activities as often as you wish, but points will be awarded to no more than two activities of the same kind within a 24 hour calendar day. (EST)

This limit applies to activities that are either in person or online. The allowance may be changed in the future or as deemed necessary, without special notice. In that case, you may be awarded points either for less or more activities per time period.

Love & Peace Project

Availability of Perks


All goods and/or services are available while supplies last.

In case of unforeseen demand of free goods and/or services, we shall either replace it with goods of equal or greater value, or alternatively issue rain checks to be used at a later time.

You may choose to hold on to your points instead for later use.

Love & Peace Project



As a rule, we will display your user name when listing your point status. However if you did not choose a user alias while registering for this site, or if you participated in any of the featured activities without registering, we reserve the right to mention your given name.

Love & Peace Project



We retain the right to mention your business name and share your images on social media sites, with our best intention that they are supportive of your marketing efforts and strategy. Certain images may have proprietary content, and it is your obligation to inform us whether they may be posted for public viewing, and whether they are designated for permanent or temporary use.

Love & Peace Project

KR Points from Love & Peace Partner Charities


Individual Volunteering

Volunteers may earn at least 100 KR points, starting with a minimum volunteering time of 60 minutes.

It is entirely upon the discretion of the Partner Charity to award a higher number of points. The allowance is:

0 – 59 minutes (no points)

60 (1 hour) – 119 minutes (100 KR points)

120 (2 hours) – 239 minutes (150 KR points)

240 (4 hours) – 359 minutes (200 KR points)

360 (6 hours) – 479 minutes (250 KR points)

480 (8 hours) & up minutes (300 KR points)


Individual Donations

Donors may earn at least 50 KR points, starting with a minimum donation of $25.00 in services, goods or money.

It is strictly up to the discretion of the Partner Charity to award a higher number of points. The allowance is:

$0.00 – $24.99 (no points)

$25.00 – $99.99 (50 KR points)

$100.00 – $499.99 (100 KR points)

$500.00 – $999.99 (200 KR points)

$1,000.00 & up (300 KR points)

Love & Peace Project

Entries for the Heart & Dove Awards™:


All entries for Heart & Dove Awards™ are moderated, user registrations are screened. Only one entry per day (a 24-hour calendar day, EST) is eligible for KR Points.

a) Relevance: posts are to be relevant to the person who you are entering.

b) Authenticity: you may enter only those incidents of kindness which actually happened and those you have knowledge of via personal experience, referral or through authentic media coverage.

To qualify for KR Points and/or an award, all entries must be verifiable.

c) Ethical Standards: we reserve the right to withhold entries that are offensive, derogatory, irrelevant or discriminating, or that promote an illegal activity. 

Any submissions that appear to have been sponsored or paid for by a an individual or business will not be permitted, and they shall be removed by the administration. The policy of the Love & Peace Project LLC is to adhere to international agreements on consumer protection. No points shall be rewarded.

d) Uniqueness: no duplicates are allowed. When entering someone for the selection process to win an award, it is not permissible to enter the same incident twice or under an assumed name.

No KR points will be awarded for duplicity, and after repeated incidents, the offending user will be removed from the list of users, and denied further access.

c) Completeness: no points are awarded for incomplete forms. Make sure that all required fields are filled out.

All other entries will be considered spam and will be dismissed, without receiving any Kindness Rebel Points.

Love & Peace Project



The Kindness Rebel Program™ may be discontinued at any time. Points that were accumulated until then, will be redeemed for available goods or services only, unless in the unlikely event of dissolution of the Love & Peace Project LLC.

Because we love people, we are easy to work with and our policy is to be generous where possible. But as we all know, sometimes it takes a third party to settle an argument. Disputes are to be resolved by mediation, inside the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County only.

In case of abuse or fraudulent activity by a participant, that participant may be prohibited from further activity and all KR Points will be forfeited.

The Kindness Rebel Points are not redeemable for cash. They are non-transferable.

Taxes and/or gratuities (where applicable) are not included and are the responsibility of the reward recipient.

Void where prohibited by law.

We reserve the right to modify/amend the above rules as deemed necessary, at any given time and without special notice. For more info or questions regarding the Kindness Rebel Program™, contact

Love & Peace Project

About collecting points


You may choose to participate in any or all activities. Points are awarded per incident (per form submission or per unique activity.)

For example: if you nominate someone via the special form and you nominate that same person with the same act of kindness on a separate form the next day, you receive KR Points only for one entry.

However, if you nominate a person for one act of kindness, and you nominate that same person for a different act of kindness, it will count as two entries and you get awarded KR Points for each.

When you dedicate several beads during one event, you get awarded 50 KR Points. If you dedicate more beads another day, but to the same people, it will count as a separate incident and you get another 50 KR Points.

Once you sign up for a FREE Basic Membership, you get awarded 500 KR Points. VIP Membership gets awarded 1,000 KRP.

If you attend any luncheon/coffee/happy hour during any month, you receive 50 points. If you attend a luncheon/coffee happy hour on a different day or month, you receive another 50 points.

Each form must be completed by entering at minimum those fields that are marked by stars *. All others are considered incomplete.

No points are awarded for incomplete submissions.

Number of points awarded for the following activities:

Love & Peace Project
Online Activities Points VIP
Read the weekly emails from the Love & Peace Project (KR Points ONCE per individual different email read) 25 50
Become a FREE Basic Member of the Love & Peace Society 500  
Become a VIP Member of the Love & Peace Society™ 1,000
Become a Basic Member of the Love & Peace Executives™ 500 1,000
Become a President Member of the Love & Peace Executives™ 2,500
Become a Love & Peace Ambassador™ 100 200
Participate in a Museum Building Activity 50 100 
Nominate someone for the Heart & Dove Awards™ 250 500 
Initiate a Be More!™ activity (pending approval)
500 1,000
Social Media Prompts (check it out and participate – they’re easy!) 50+ 100+ 
Enter a Coupon Code when ordering from our Gift Shop 100 200
Choose your favorite Charity when ordering from our Gift Shop 100 200
Offline Activities Points VIP
Attend a Love & Peace Society™ social event or activity (must sign in) 50 100 
Teach a Love, Peace & Learning™ class 50 100
Attend select events promoted by the Love & Peace Project™ (must sign in) 50 100
Become a Love & Peace Society™ Consul (leader of a local Chapter) 1,000 2,000 
Attend a private event with the Love & Peace Project 100 200
Volunteer for a Love & Peace Project Partner Charity 100+ 200+
Donate an item for the Love, Peace & Beads Museum™ 100+ 200+ 
Participate in any Love & Peace “Be More!™” Initiative 100+ 200+
Love & Peace Project


But wait, there is more…


KR Points may be awarded for designated local activities.

These will be announced as necessary, and on a short notice. They may include participating in a marathon, helping with community clean-up, attending a benefit, supporting a charity or other activities by our sponsors.

As an extra bonus, we may award random KR Points at any time, and without prior notice. You may find these on social media platforms or during events.


Redeeming Your Points


The perks are entirely FREE in exchange for your KR Points, but you may have to pay for actual shipping cost of your FREE item, if you are unable to pick it up from the business that donated it.

There is a limited supply of each reward, but we do our best to meet your expectation. In case of unforeseen demand, you may choose a replacement or keep your points until you find something else you like.

In some cases you will receive a voucher, which can be redeemed at the participating business that donated your perk.

Perks that are donated by the Love & Peace Project LLC:

We will either deliver your items in person or you may pick them up at any of our events or activities. Residents outside of Palm Beach County, Florida, USA: we will mail your pearl and bead jewelry item(s), but you pay actual shipping fee. There is no handling charge.

Void where prohibited by law. All rewards good while supplies last.




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