Collect Kindness Reward Points!

You do NOT have to be a member of the Love & Peace Society in order to collect Kindness Reward points. However, we recommend that you at least register as a user of this site. 

Why? Only registered users can:

  • comment on posts and earn KR points
  • be listed under a user name on the KR points chart
  • become a member of the Love & Peace Society

If you haven’t done so already, register here >

Together we are strong!

On to the good stuff…

It’s probably easiest to start at the top, but not necessary. Do these at your leisure and remember: it’s not about the gifts, it’s about the better world we create on the way.

1.) Register as a user for this website

It only makes sense. How else would you learn about the events, the contests and more opportunities to earn extra points? If you’re already signed up: you got 50 KR points!

Register as a user >

2.) Go to a Love & Peace Society social event

Because we just got started, not all areas have a local chapter. That will change quickly. In the meantime, take a look at the other activities. Better yet: start your own local group!

See the Event Calendar >

3.) Volunteer for a Love & Peace Project Partner Charity

Volunteer for a connected charity and receive KR points! (Note: the Love & Peace Project LLC is not a 503(c) organization, but you may receive service hour credit via the Partner Charity.) 

Learn more about volunteering opportunities >

4.) Participate in any of the Signature Activities

You will get a reminder about the Signature Activities each month. Or you can attend a local Love & Peace Society event and jump right in. Participate at every luncheon or social event.

Check them out – they’re way cool! >

5.) Nominate someone for the Heart & Dove Awards™

You can earn points quickly here! Simply think of everybody who deserves an award for their good deed. Certain restrictions may apply. 

Submit your entry >

6.) DOUBLE your KR points!

As a member you have access to restricted members-only areas and events, discount on prepaid luncheons, double all Kindness Reward points and more. 

Apply for a membership to the Love & Peace Society >

7.) Become a Consul for the Love & Peace Society

A Love & Peace Consul is the leader of a local chapter. He or she schedules, organizes and conducts luncheons and social events. 

Interested? Take the first step >

8.) Visit the Love & Peace Project during a public outreach event

There are numerous events throughout the year. Stay posted via emails or the blog pages for an event near you.

See the Event Calendar >

9.) Visit the Love & Peace Project for a program talk

Certain groups or organizations may schedule an informal or inspirational program talk with the Love & Peace Project. You collect points for signing in when attending such an event.

See the Event Calendar >

10.) Attend a private event with the Love & Peace Project

Host/hostesses for Birthday parties, weddings or fare-well parties may invite The Love & Peace Project to provide a memorable activity for their guests. Sign in at these events to make sure you receive your KR points.

See the Event Calendar >

10.) Become a Love & Peace Ambassador

Represent everything the Love & Peace Project stands for in your geographical area or foreign country.

Interested? Email

11.) Donate to a Love & Peace Project Partner Charity

Goods, services or money are always welcome. (Note: the Love & Peace Project LLC is not a 503(c) organization, but you may receive a tax receipt via the Partner Charity.) 

Learn more about donating to Partner Charities >

12.) Donate an item for the Love, Peace & Beads Museum

This is not required, but happily accepted. Over the past two decades, generous people have donated items for display in the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum™. 

Need info? Email

13.) Participate in the Love & Peace Community Activities

Here’s where you can earn lots of extra points. Any group or organization may team up with the Love & Peace Project to provide you with extra KR points, when you do something for your local community. Click on link for info!

Learn more >

14.) Comment on any of the blog posts

Don’t be shy – voice your opinion or share ideas for extra KR points. All entries are moderated, and only approved comments receive points. See the rules for details.

Start here >


Double your points when you join


No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. All rewards good while supplies last.

There is a limited supply of each reward, but we do our best to note on each page how many are left of each. In case of unforeseen demand, we’ll let you know if your item is unavailable, so you can choose a replacement or keep your points until you find something else you like.

Look at the rewards you can get >

See the “Kindness Reward” rules for detailed information >


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