The Kindness Rewards Program

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Bad guys grabbing all the headlines?

There’s corruption, greed and violence whenever we hear of daily news. Too often, the good deeds get lost in the turbulence of life.

Not so fast!

We can counter that with more integrity, sharing and compassion. Sure… but how do we go about it? Here’s where you come in.

Inspire others and get perks

Not that you need rewards for doing the right thing. But the next person might. And by giving away FREE goodies, we’re stirring up things a bit. Hopefully bringing attention to the need for more love and peace, forgiving and acceptance.

Sending a powerful message

Promoting kind behavior is not rocket science. In fact, the idea is to use common marketing wisdom to start that kindness rebellion.

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Together, we can build up an unstoppable force of good. We can influence others, we can make that love visible, we can make kindness go mainstream!

Spread love, promote kindness, find peace, get FREE stuff!

How to collect KR Points:

It’s very easy! Participate in any of the activities that are listed below, and start collecting KR Points right away. Love & Peace Society members earn double the points.

Online Activities Points Members
Sign up for our newsletter > 50 100
Become a member of the Love & Peace Society™ >   250
Become a Love & Peace Ambassador™ > 100 200
Participate in a Museum Building Activity > 50 100 
Nominate someone for the Heart & Dove Awards™ > 100 200 
Initiate a Be More!™ activity >
100 200
Offline Activities Points Members
Attend a Love & Peace Society™ class, social event or activity > 50 100 
Teach a Love, Peace & Learning™ class 50 100
Attend select events promoted by the Love & Peace Project™ > 50 100
Become a Consul (leader of a local Chapter) for the Love & Peace Society™ > 400 800 
Sign up for our newsletter at a public outreach event (find one in the calendar) > 50 100 
Attend a private event with the Love & Peace Project > 100 200
Volunteer for a Love & Peace Project Partner Charity > 100 + 200 +
Donate an item for the Love, Peace & Beads Museum™ > 100 + 200 + 
Participate in any Love & Peace “Be More!™” Initiative > 100+ 200+

But wait, there is more…

To make an even more positive impact on our communities, KR points may be awarded for designated, special local activities.

These will be announced as necessary, and on a short notice. They may include participating in a marathon, helping with community clean-up, attending a benefit, or other incentives.

Choose Your Perks >

No purchase necessary. Eligible are all persons 18 years or older.

There is a limited supply of each reward, but we do our best to meet your expectation. In case of unforeseen demand, you may choose a replacement or keep your points until you find something else you like.

You will receive a voucher, which can be redeemed at the participating business that donated your item.

Void where prohibited by law. All rewards good while supplies last.

See the complete “Kindness Reward” rules for details >


About the title image:

A place where you can just feel the warm welcome

Our Thanks to the Cheese and Wine Cafe in Lantana! Judy, the owner, always makes us feel super welcome in their lovely environment. Perhaps it may become your most favorite way to earn your KR points, when you join us for one of a scheduled luncheon there. Just look at the events calendar. Image © by Ingrid Webster


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