The Desert Rose became the ‘official mascot’ for the Kindness Rebel Program. It was a natural choice. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

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Not that you need rewards for doing the right thing. We know.

But the next person could use an extra incentive. It could lure them out of their shell, to go and do some good.

Believe it or not, there are people who were never taught to be kind when growing up. So with your help, we may be able to inspire them enough to change their ways and learn about self-care too!

By giving away FREE goodies, we try to bring attention to the need for more love and peace, forgiveness and acceptance, kindness and compassion.

Follow the hearts and you’ve found the secret to happiness! Hint: It’s a four letter word. Photo (c) by Ingrid Webster

Who is eligible?

To earn KR Points, you must be 21 years of age or older.

To claim and receive perks, you must be a registered member of the Love & Peace Society™. You may choose between a FREE Basic Membership or a VIP Membership, or be a FREE Basic Member or President Member of the Love & Peace Executives™.

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How to collect Kindness Rebel Points:

It’s easy!

Participate in any of the activities that are listed below, and start collecting KR Points right away. Love & Peace Society™ VIP Members and President Members of the Love & Peace Executives™ earn double points.

Spread love, promote kindness, find peace, get FREE stuff!

Online Activities Points VIP
Become a FREE Basic Member of the Love & Peace Society 500  
Become a VIP Member of the Love & Peace Society™   1,000
Become a President Member of the Love & Peace Executives™   2,500
Become a Love & Peace Ambassador™ 100 200
Participate in a Museum Building Activity 50 100 
Nominate someone for the Heart & Dove Awards™ 250 500 
Initiate a Be More!™ activity (if approved)
500 1,000
Social Media Prompts (see below) 50+ 100+ 
Offline Activities Points VIP
Attend a Love & Peace Society™ social event or activity 50 100 
Teach a Love, Peace & Learning™ class 50 100
Attend select events promoted by the Love & Peace Project™ 50 100
Become a Love & Peace Society™ Consul (leader of a local Chapter) 1,000 2,000 
Attend a private event with the Love & Peace Project 100 200
Volunteer for a Love & Peace Project Partner Charity 100+ 200+
Donate an item for the Love, Peace & Beads Museum™ 100+ 200+ 
Participate in any Love & Peace “Be More!™” Initiative 100+ 200+

But wait, there is more…

KR Points may be awarded for designated local activities.

These will be announced as necessary, and on a short notice. They may include participating in a marathon, helping with community clean-up, attending a benefit, supporting a charity or other activities by our sponsors.

We also may award random KR Points at any time and without prior notice, either on social media platforms or during events.


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There’s MUCH more!

You can find ‘Prompts’ and other incentives on this site, or on various social media. These prompts are questions that can be answered quickly and right away.

Or click on each one below to enter your answer here. Just leave your comment and you get KR Points.

Facebook, NextDoor, Pinterest, Stage 32
Prompt # Love & Peace Society™ Prompts KR VIP
LPS Prompt 1 Why did you agree to join this group? 50 100
LPS Prompt 2 Which Attribute should a Kind Person have? 50 100
LPS Prompt 3 Enter your favorite quote 50 100
LPS Prompt 4 Meet another member! First, talk about yourself… 50 100
LPS Prompt 5 Who is your role model? 50 100
LPS Prompt 6 What is your own best character trait? 50 100
LPS Prompt 7 Find the word LOVE and share a picture! 50 100
LPS Prompt 8 Name a person who you forgive 50 100
LPS Prompt 9 Tag someone you know from this group and tell us… 100 200
LPS Prompt 10 Complete the sentence: Because life is short, I will… 50 100
LPS Prompt 11 Share your favorite lifestyle blog! 50 100
LPS Prompt 12 Dedicate corks to your kids and grandkids 50 100
LPS Prompt 13 What do you do to make up after an argument? 50 100
LPS Prompt 14 Do you enjoy inspirational quotes? 50 100
LPS Prompt 15 What will you do on Thanksgiving? 50 100
LPS Prompt 16 Write a “Thank You” to your family 50 100
LPS Prompt 17 Write a “Thank You” to your friends 50 100
LPS Prompt 18 What are you thankful for? 50 100
LPS Prompt 19 Name your best friends 50 100
LPS Prompt 20 Your greatest moment of joy in 2019? 100 200
LPS Prompt 21 What is an easy resolution for you in 2020? 50 100
LPS Prompt 22 Your guidance word for 2020? 50 100
LPS Prompt 23 Dedicate a flag to a foreign friend 50 100
LPS Prompt 24 Does your behavior change because of COVID-19? 50 100
LPS Prompt 25 Will you spend more time online now to fill a void? 50 100
LPS Prompt 26 Name ONE positive attribute to fill your home with 50 100
Facebook, LinkedIn, Alignable
Prompt # Love & Peace Executives™ Prompts KR VIP
LPE Prompt 1 Why did you open your own business? 50 100
LPE Prompt 2 How do you give value to your customers? 50 100
LPE Prompt 3 Enter your favorite quote! 50 100
LPE Prompt 4 Meet another member. Talk about your business… 50 100
LPE Prompt 5 Who is your role model? 50 100
LPE Prompt 6 What do you do to attract customers visually? 50 100
LPE Prompt 7 Suggest an employee or customer for an award! 400 800
LPE Prompt 8 Name a person who you forgave. 50 100
LPE Prompt 9 Tell us about someone’s good business practice. 100 200
LPE Prompt 10 Because my customers matter to me, I will… 50 100
LPE Prompt 11 Share your favorite business blog! 50 100
LPE Prompt 12 Dedicate corks to all your children and grandkids. 50 100
LPE Prompt 13 How do you calm yourself from a difficult customer? 50 100
LPE Prompt 14 Do you have an inspirational quote in your office? 50 100
LPE Prompt 15 Is your business prepared and ready for Season? 50 100
LPE Prompt 16 Write a “Thank You” to your employees or associates 50 100
LPE Prompt 17 Write a “Thank You” to your customers 50 100
LPE Prompt 18 What are you grateful for? 50 100
LPE Prompt 19 Who are your best friends? 50 100
LPE Prompt 20 Your greatest accomplishment in 2019? 100 200
LPE Prompt 21 What will you improve for your customers in 2020? 50 100
LPE Prompt 22 Your guidance word for 2020? 50 100
LPE Prompt 23 Celebrate friends from other countries 50 100
LPE Prompt 24 How does COVID-19 affect your business? 50 100
LPE Prompt 25 Did your marketing strategies change? 50 100
LPE Prompt 26 What is the ONE quality you want for your business? 50 100

Sending a powerful message

Promoting kind behavior is not rocket science. In fact, the idea is to use common marketing wisdom to start that kindness rebellion.

Choose Your Perks from the Vault >

Together, we can build up an unstoppable force of good. We can influence others, we can make that love visible, we can make kindness go mainstream!


Choose Your Perks from our Vault >


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No purchase necessary. Eligible for points are all persons 21 years or older.

There is a limited supply of each reward, but we do our best to meet your expectation. In case of unforeseen demand, you may choose a replacement or keep your points until you find something else you like.

Points cannot be traded in for cash.

The perks are entirely FREE in exchange for your KR Points, but you may have to pay for actual shipping cost of your FREE item, if you are unable to pick it up from the business that donated it.

Void where prohibited by law. All perks good while supplies last.

See the complete Kindness Rebel Program™ rules for details >


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