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Shop with us – help my Kids For Kids Charity! For each item you purchase through this page, the Love & Peace Project will donate a generous portion of the proceeds to my organization.



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Here are some facts about my organization, and what we do to help others:

The charity I have established, was brought to life to help orphans in Haiti. Because of my longtime experience in the nursery industry, growing plants for charity seemed to make sense.

Children here in the US help with potting, growing and caring for ornamental plants. Once they are ready, we sell them in green markets or at church sales. The generated money is used to help kids in Haiti. We have just purchased a cistern, after a devastating fire burned down the orphanage which we have established a relationship with.

But there is still so much more needed: food, clothing and school supplies are on a daily list of most wanted items.

We hope to make a difference by growing “green”, and we hope that you can pitch in by purchasing gift shop items from us.