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“What happened to my room?”

Digital art by i2

# 000 042 5/20/21

Harold can speak now.

i2 says: “This was an unintentional creation, because it happened by sheer accident.

When I planned for Harold’s first outdoors experience (see next picture), I wanted to keep him in the center of the image, pretty much like he was in his remodeled room, after he got his new kitty (see previous picture). So I duplicated that original ‘new room’ image, slowly taking away all items, piece by piece: the clock, the table, fruit bowl, window, and all the toys.

As I removed all these features, I could feel the agony arising inside of Harold’s soul. I mean, he finally had gotten an updated room, brand new toys, and now it’s all gone again. What a traumatic experience! The poor kid didn’t know what happened to him, and he was deeply wounded. That’s exactly when Harold found his voice!”

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Is there something familiar about the picture above?

Just like all the other i2 pieces of art, it was created by reorganizing and duplicating these master shapes:



Remember, i2 has restricted herself to use only these shapes.

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From the drawing board:

A screenshot from my work area, after Harold’s new room was finished. See all the shapes I didn’t use all around the picture? That stack of little moons on top used to be Harold’s wallpaper. i2


You can see all the components that were removed from Harold’s room. What a painful experience for that poor kid! So I decided to give him the ability to speak and communicate. Stay posted. i2