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The reef doesn’t sleep now

Digital art by i2

# 000 021 4/11/21

If you live anywhere near tropical waters, you know about the importance of preserving our precious reefs. they are nurseries, harbors and shelter for various sea creatures. They are an important part of the marine environment, and of course they will attract divers and fill their heart with joy!

The diversity of sea life and their brilliant colors make these reefs so precious. But they are critically endangered: global warming has caused a die-off among reef building animals, such as coral. That community gets further blows by oblivious boaters, who drop their anchors on top of a reef and smash the corals. Also, commercial shipping has done its damage: oil spills and dumping of wast are nasty enemies for their fragile ecosystems.

Let’s keep our reefs clean and preserve them for the future!

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Is there something familiar about the picture above?

Just like all the other i2 pieces of art, it was created by reorganizing and duplicating these master shapes:



Remember, i2 has restricted herself to use only these shapes.

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