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Let the colors do the talking

Digital art by i2

# 000 030 4/23/21

Do you recall what i2 said about observing abstract art?

It’s all about color, shape, composition, contrast and above all: balance. A good artist will not rest until they have achieved a great deal of suspension within their creation. Suspension here is meant in a positive way, it describes how the colors and the objects within an item relate to each other.

Art can be social critical, and it can depict some cruel scenes. But it should never hurt to look at it. If it’s pleasing, or if it invokes a solid feeling in the observer, all the better!

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Is there something familiar about the picture above?

Just like all the other i2 pieces of art, it was created by reorganizing and duplicating these master shapes:



Remember, i2 has restricted herself to use only these shapes.

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