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Harold NoNo Sampler

Digital art by i2

# 000 110 9/21/21

Oh, he wants love and peace and kindness. Not just for himself, but for everybody!

His simple philosophy is to defuse drama before it arises, and to not add fuel to toxic people. He cares enough to understand the mental health issues of those with a volatile temper, and he is wise enough to walk away from a fight.

Despite his difficult childhood and his disability, Harold has boundless love for the world and every single living thing in it. He is happy to be free and able to enjoy all good things that life has to offer. But he will never succumb to the detrimental spiral of the common rat race…

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Is there something familiar about the picture above?

Just like all the other i2 pieces of art, it was created by reorganizing and duplicating these master shapes:



Remember, i2 has restricted herself to use only these shapes.

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