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Passion That You Can See™



The NFT Gallery


Universe Beyond on OpenSea

Mushies Alone in the Forest

Under The Sea

The Summer Night’s Dream That Finally Happened

Titanium Butterfly World

I Don’t WANT Steak!

Love Boat at Midnight

Family Vacay Summer of 2021

Summer Solstice in an Alien World

Cherries and Roses

Father, forgive me!

Space Flower Number One

Save our Turtles and LOVE them!

For Jamie with LOVE is LOVE is LOVE

Space Cubes

Candyland by Invitation Only

The Dilemma with the Square

Single Cell Division in Agar

Happy Fourth of July

Biker Babe Got Wheels

I am the Cake Thief


Rudy always has to be on top

Board Meeting

Ethan the Breakdancer

Birdie Loves Soccer

Giving Tree

Night Cat 

Peaceful Sea

What to wear on Uranus

Birdie is alive and well

He bites!


Harold the Globetrotter on OpenSea

Meet Harold

Harold has a remodeled room


Harold has a new clock


Harold Collectibles


Harold in Würzburg 1


Almost Fine Art Coming to a Marketplace Near You!
Happy Balance Don’t Call Me! No More Noise


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Passion That You Can See™

i2 Gallery | The Storyi2 Artist Bio | Understanding Abstract Art


i2 is the artist alias of Ingrid Webster, owner of the Love & Peace Project, LLC.

All images copyright 2021 © by Ingrid Webster. All rights reserved.