Do Good Things – Get Nice Things in Return!


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Join us on an amazing journey…

you get rewards and have fun, while doing something good!

The Love & Peace Project is all about promoting kindness, acceptance and unity. YOU can help make this world a better place by being an inspiration to others: you even get to choose how.

New here? Don’t worry, our concept is new too, so we’ll walk this path together from here on.

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How does it work?

It’s really easy. You do nice things, and you get nice things in return. There are plenty of activities all year long, where you can earn Kindness Rebel Points towards your free perks:

  • attend a Love & Peace Project social event
  • do one of the “Be More!” Initiatives
  • volunteer for a local Partner Charity
  • become a member of the Love & Peace Society
  • participate in the Museum Building Activities
  • …and more 

Best of all: most of them are FREE to do.

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Join us, do some good, have fun, get perks >

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Everybody Can Earn KR Points

For each of these activities, you get awarded “Kindness Rebel” Points. And as a VIP Member, you get DOUBLE the KR Points every time. These points accumulate until you trade them in for something from our perks vault.

With each perk we give away, the world has become a better place because you’ve done some good on the way.

Ready to start? We’re ready to give.

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Join the Love & Peace Society as a FREE Member and earn KR Points right away >

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Why do we think that this changes anything?

Very simple.

Things have to change in our society, if we want to continue on as human beings. People must become more tolerant, more compassionate and less angry. We must help each other, recognize that all human beings are one and the same, brothers and sisters.

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Small but with strong roots, Mr. Miyagi!

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So how is this different?

Granted, there are plenty of activists and organizations already out there that change our communities for the better. They are very engaged, doing a wonderful job, each within their own special cause.

They stand up for the right things and remind us daily of the many areas in society that need improving.

The Love & Peace Project is different, though.

© by Love & Peace Project

A gentle rebellion…

© by Love & Peace Project

The Key Word is “Gentle”

We like things slow and steady.

We want to do good things on a local level. Like giving out Valentines to nursing homes. Or maybe help pull some weeds in an elderly person’s yard. Or reading a book to a child, playing board games with lonely people.

We don’t take to the streets. We are not community activists.

We’re calm and quiet. We pick up litter from road sides or from the beach. We collect food for pantries, we donate unwanted goods to those who can use them. Easy stuff.

We don’t need big media coverage, and we try to stay away from discussions about religion and politics. That way, everybody can feel welcome and secure.

© by Love & Peace Project

You’ll LOVE it!!

Because it’s all about the quiet revolution within… The gentle change that’s improving local communities in small steps, from the ground up. Right where it matters.

You will be surrounded by people who have one common goal: to inspire others while being kind. But you go about it at your own pace.

No commitment, no obligation, no worries. 


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