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Peasant, Peacock, Pearls

How to wear pearls for a casual, artsy, elegant or professional look

Caring for your pearls and beads

Your pearls won’t do you much good, if they’re not cared for properly…

Before you have your pearls or beads repaired

Why did my necklace break? 15 things you should know before you have your pearls restrung

A Bit of History

This is neat: how pearl and bead cord evolved over the years

Pearl and Bead Trivia

There’s so much info, if you’re curious. Know more: Pearl Trivia

Learn to string pearls and beads yourself

Learn how to string beads: Online Bead Stringing University


Be confident when you have your jewelry repaired! See references and experience

What people are saying

Our promises may not mean much to you, but what matters are reviews from customers

Inside our studio

Take a peek at our work desk – you’ll be amazed!


You want it done well and easy on the wallet… but you want it when??


For your peace of mind it is our pleasure to serve you, backed by a full warranty!

Where to go, if you wish to be serviced by a local Jeweler

Where can I have my beads/pearls restrung in my area?


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